Family Nurse Practitioner - Post-Masters Certificate (Online)

Post Graduate APRN Certificate Program: This program is for currently certified Master’s or doctorally-prepared nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and certified registered nurse anesthetists who wish to obtain the coursework needed to sit for certification in another specialty. The Post-Graduate certificate consists of 18 credit hours, including a minimum of 500 clinical hours. When applying to the Post-Graduate APRN Certificate program, please select “Graduate Certificate” in the application system. Please note that the clinical hours are “required” for national certification and cannot be waived or negotiated.

The Family Nurse Practitioner track prepares nurses for advanced practice through a course of study focused on families' health care across the lifespan. The courses in this specialty focus on advanced health assessment, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and management of acute and chronic illness in families. These courses are combined with specialty seminars and clinical experiences that emphasize the physiological and psychosocial impact of illness on the patient and family. Graduates are prepared to sit for the Family Nurse Practitioner certification exam.

For application information, visit the School of Nursing website or contact the Nursing Graduate Advisor for more information about application and admission requirements at (575) 646-2772. 

Prefix Title Credits
NURS 6510FNP Across the Lifespan I3
NURS 6511FNP Across the Lifespan Practicum I3
NURS 6520FNP Across the Lifespan II3
NURS 6521FNP Across the Lifespan II Practicum3
NURS 6352Integrated Care for Diverse Populations2
NURS 6530FNP Across the Lifespan III1
NURS 6531FNP Across the Lifespan III Practicum3
Total Credits18
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
NURS 6510 FNP Across the Lifespan I 3
NURS 6511 FNP Across the Lifespan Practicum I 3
NURS 6520 FNP Across the Lifespan II 3
NURS 6521 FNP Across the Lifespan II Practicum 3
NURS 6352 Integrated Care for Diverse Populations 2
NURS 6530 FNP Across the Lifespan III 1
NURS 6531 FNP Across the Lifespan III Practicum 3
 Total Credits18