Education (Early Childhood Education Plus Licensure) - Master of Arts (Online)

Concentration: Early Childhood Education (plus licensure)

The College of Education's School of Teacher Preparation, Administration and Leadership at New Mexico State University offers a 42 credit Master of Arts in Education Plus Licensure in Early Childhood Education for individuals who have completed a bachelor's degree. The program is designed to meet the professional education course requirements for teacher licensure as a part of a Master of Arts in Education degree program. A full-time student in this program typically completes in 2 years.

Eligible Participants must:

  • Completed a bachelor's degree in a closely related field with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  • Prerequisites may be required depending on BA degree coursework.
  • Be admitted to the NMSU Graduate School
  • Be admitted to the College of Education's School of Teacher Preparation, Administration and Leadership
Prefix Title Credits
Program Requirements
Core Courses
EDUC 5120Multicultural Education 13
EDUC 5140Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy 13
ECED Licensure Course Work
ECED 5510Advanced Teaching and Learning of Literacy3
ECED 5420Science/Math Curriculum3
ECED 5310Issues in Early Childhood Education3
ECED 5110Working with Young Children with Special Needs, Ages 3-83
ECED 5410Seminar on Child Development, Assessment and Well-being of Young Children3
ECED 5520Literacy Development in Early Childhood3
BLED 5120The Bilingual Preschool Child3
ECED 5220Play in the Early Childhood Curriculum3
ECED 4810Student Teaching/Seminar Early Childhood3
SPED 4810Early Childhood SPED Student Teaching9
Total Credits42

Prerequisites to TEP Methods Courses; TEP portfolio can be submitted during the semester in which you are finishing the Core courses.