Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) - Master of Arts (Online)

The program with a concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL, without licensure) prepares scholars, practitioners and leaders in understanding bilingualism/multilingualism within the context of schools, families, communities and society.

The Southwest Borderlands situate participants uniquely such that they might critically examine issues confronting Spanish-speaking and heritage language populations. A key dimension of the program is the advancement of issues related to equity and social justice by encouraging participants to serve as advocates for bilingual children, their families and communities. International contexts are considered part of the borderland and the TESOL International focus supports the preparation of teaching TESL across global settings.

  • Students choose either the PreK-12 elective coursework for 33 credit hours OR the International elective coursework for 36 credits
  • The necessary coursework required for the TESOL endorsement is embedded within this program of study. Should you require additional information regarding the endorsement, you should contact the New Mexico Public Education Department (
  • Many specialized courses are not offered every semester. Please check with your faculty advisor to plan accordingly.
Prefix Title Credits
Course Requirements
TPAL Core Courses
EDUC 5120Multicultural Education3
EDUC 5140Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy3
TESOL Core Courses
BLED 5210Literacy-Language Instruction for Bilingual Students3
EDLT 5130Technology and Language Learning 13
BLED 5110Adult and Family Literacy in TESOL3
BLED 5320Second Language Acquisition3
BLED 5410Sociolinguistics in Education3
BLED 5990TESOL Practicum 23
BLED 5996Selected Topics in Bilingual Education3
LING 500Introduction to Linguistics3
TESOL Elective Coursework3-6
TESOL Elective Course PreK-12 (3 credits)
Bilingual/Multicultural Schooling and Community Relations3
OR TESOL Elective Course International (6 credits)
Directed Study in Bilingual Education3
Total Credits33-36

 It is encouraged that EDLT 5130 Technology and Language Learning and BLED 5420 Pedagogy of TESOL be taken concurrently.


This is the final course and should be taken during the final semester.