Applied Studies - Bachelor of Applied Studies (Online)

The Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree is designed specifically for students who have already procured an Associates degree in an Applied Studies field. The BAS promotes the mission and purpose of NMSU by making available flexible degree options and by providing a pathway of study for community college graduates with technical and applied degrees from an accredited institution. The BAS degree helps minimize credit loss for associate degree graduates when pursuing a baccalaureate degree at NMSU by requiring a fewer number of upper-division credits. The student population targeted for this program differs significantly from traditional degree programs at NMSU. The BAS offers opportunity for current and prospective students and welcomes those employed full-time, veterans, active duty military personnel or active duty family members, transfers from other institutions, those returning to college after time away, and students wishing to complete their upper-division coursework at a distance.

To Declare a BAS

Students entering the BAS program are required to:

  • Have an Associate of Applied Science or a similar degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Have completed the English and Mathematics Basic Skills Requirements of NMSU (see Regulations - Basic Academic Skills)
  • Declare the BAS degree by the last date to drop with a "W" in a student's final semester of study (see the NMSU Academic Calendar for date)

Degree Requirements

To graduate with the Bachelor of Applied Studies degree, you must complete at minimum 120 credit hours (or more, depending on the number and type of credits acquired in your Associate degree and as determined by your academic advisor). (Note: The NMSU College of Business allows a maximum of 30 business credit hours to count towards the BAS degree. Also, the only College of Business minor allowed is the Business Administration Minor.)

Within the total credit hours, you must

  • Complete the university's general education requirements (at least 32-35 credit hours of approved New Mexico Common Core courses).
  • Complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of upper-division courses (300-499 level), including six credits of Viewing a Wider World (VWW) from courses in two separate colleges at NMSU. You may substitute three credits of VWW with credits taken in study abroad. All 36 upper-division credits must have a grade of C- or better.
  • Not have completed the requirements, or be a candidate, for another baccalaureate degree.

In addition, it is strongly recommended that students take one or more of the Interdisciplinary Studies courses designed specifically for the Bachelor of Applied Studies and the Bachelor of Individualized Studies degrees: INTR 300 Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies and/or INTR 301 Interdisciplinary Research: Theory & Practice. These courses prepare BAS and BIS students to better plan and conceptualize their degree as they prepare to move into their professional careers or graduate school.

Second Language Requirement

For the Bachelor of Applied Studies there is no second language requirement for the degree.