Communication Studies (Leadership Communication) - Master of Arts (Online)

The professional master's degree in organizational leadership is designed to equip students to develop effective leadership skills in individual, group, team, and organizational contexts for professionals who work in organizations of any type (private, government, non-profit). The program will help students master effective leadership in a time of dynamic change in global business, diversity, technology, and digital skills. The degree requires 30 credit hours of coursework, at least 15 credits of coursework must be completed in the Communication Studies Department, and the final 3 credits of coursework must be project hours (COMM 598 MA PROJECT). All courses are offered online and taught asynchronously in 8-week formats. If a student wishes up to 15 credits of courses taken outside of Communication Studies can count toward the degree as long as the Leadership Communication Concentration is completed in Communication Studies. 

This concentration requires 15 credits of coursework in Communication Studies. All courses are offered online and taught asynchronously in 8-week formats. A GPA of 3.0 or better must be maintained overall and grades in each course must be a B or better. Two courses (6 credits) with numbers 450+ can be counted.

Prefix Title Credits
Degree Requirements
COMM 470Leadership Communication3
COMM 557Seminar Strategic Communication3
COMM 570Seminar in Organizational Communication3
COMM 579Ethics & Diversity in Leadership Communication3
COMM 598MA Project3
Interdisciplinary or Communication Electives
Take an additional 15 credits from any department, including Communication Studies 115
International Communication3
Seminar in Political communication3
Seminar in Communication Technologies3
Seminar in Persuasion3
Seminar in Family Communication3
Seminar on Communication and Culture3
Seminar in Nonverbal Communication3
Case Studies in Leadership Communication3
Management of Change, Diffusion, and Adoption of Innovations3
Large Scale Systems Engineering3
Topics in Engineering Administration3
Total Credits30

One course (3 credits) with the number 450+ can be counted. Coordinate with your advisor to select appropriate courses to meet this requirement.

A Suggested Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
COMM 470 Leadership Communication 3
COMM 557 Seminar Strategic Communication 3
COMM 578 Case Studies in Leadership Communication 3
COMM 579 Ethics & Diversity in Leadership Communication 3
COMM 570 Seminar in Organizational Communication 3
COMM 598 MA Project 3
Elective Course 1 3
Elective Course 1 9
 Total Credits30

Interdisciplinary or Communication Electives

  • COMM 475 International Communication
  • COMM 550 Seminar in Communication Technologies
  • COMM 551 Seminar in Persuasion
  • COMM 562 Seminar in Family Communication
  • COMM 576 Seminar on Communication and Culture
  • COMM 565 Seminar in Nonverbal Communication
  • COMM 578 Case Studies in Leadership Communication
  • AXED 5110 Management of Change, Diffusion, and Adoption of Innovations
  • I E 537 Large Scale Systems Engineering
  • I E 563 Topics in Engineering Administration