Agriculture (Agribusiness) - Master of Agriculture (Online)

The Master's of Agriculture with Concentration in Agribusiness degree provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage modern businesses operating in the food and fiber supply chain.  The program curriculum has been developed with an emphasis on providing economic and business analytical knowledge and skills for students and industry professionals with a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds.   

Candidates for the Master of Agriculture (MAG) with a concentration in Agribusiness must successfully complete a minimum of 33 graduate credits.  

All students in the MAG program must successfully complete the following:

Prefix Title Credits
Required Courses
AEEC 503Introduction to Quantitative Methods3
AEEC 506Economic and Financial Analysis of Agribusiness 3
AEEC/BFIN 511Advanced Derivative Markets3
AEEC 545Advanced Agricultural Policy3
AEEC 550Advanced Microcomputer Applications in Agriculture3
AEEC 551Advanced Agribusiness Marketing3
AEEC 556Advanced Agribusiness Management3
AEEC 590Special Topics (Global Food Supply Chain Management)3
Technical Courses (6) 16
Technical Course 1
Technical Course 2
Creative Component or Thesis (3-6 hrs) 23-6
Creative Component Project3-6
Master's Thesis3-6
Total Credits33-36

Students in consultation with their Graduate Committee Chair and with the approval of the Department Graduate Committee Chair, select two technical agriculture courses.  These courses may come from another discipline or college or maybe taught within the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business.


In lieu of AEEC 598 Creative Component Project or AEEC 599 Master's Thesis, students can take 2 additional courses approved by their committee chair and the Department's Graduate Committee chairperson.

A thesis (AEEC 599 Master's Thesis, 4-6 credits) is not required but can replace the creative component. The course AEEC 596 Individual Study can be included as one of the 3-4 elective choices for 3 credits with any additional credits in AEEC 596 having approval of the student's graduate chair.  An oral defense must be scheduled and completed as prescribed by the Graduate School. The defense must be preceded by a seminar to present major findings of the creative component or thesis research to faculty, fellow students, and the interested public.

A Study Suggested Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
AEEC 503 Introduction to Quantitative Methods 3
AEEC 550 Advanced Microcomputer Applications in Agriculture 3
AEEC 506 Economic and Financial Analysis of Agribusiness 3
AEEC 511 Advanced Derivative Markets 3
AEEC 590 Special Topics (Global Food Supply Chain Management) 3
Technical Course 1 3
Second Year
AEEC 545 Advanced Agricultural Policy 3
AEEC 598 Creative Component Project 3
Technical Course 1 3
AEEC 551 Advanced Agribusiness Marketing 3
AEEC 556 Advanced Agribusiness Management 3
AEEC 598 Creative Component Project 3 3
 Total Credits36