Public Health - Master of Public Health

Public Health Core Courses
Community and Psychosocial Aspects of Public Health3
Biostatistical Applications in Public Health3
Epidemiological Approaches to Disease Control and Prevention3
Health Services System: Administration and Organization3
Environmental Public Health Issues3
Select one from the following concentrations:18
Community Health Education
Health Management, Administration and Policy
Cultural Foundation Course
Select 3 credits from the cultural foundation series numbered MPH 560-MPH 5693
Additional Requirements
Field Experience1-4
Thesis and Non-thesis Options
Select one of the following options in consultation with your graduate advisor:
Thesis Option 1
Master's Thesis1-6
Non-Thesis Option 23
Select 3 credits from electives
Total Credits24

Only for those in the Community Health Education concentration


Available for those in the Community Health Education concentration and the Health Management, Administration & Policy concentration

Concentration: Community Health Education

MPH 570Foundations of Public Health Education3
MPH 572Techniques of Health Communication/Education3
MPH 573Community Organization in Public Health3
MPH 574Health Program Planning3
MPH 578Evaluative Approaches in Public Health3
MPH 579Research and Resources in Community Health3
Total Credits18

Concentration: Health Management Administration and Policy

MPH 541Principles of Health Program Management3
MPH 545Health Services Organization and Delivery3
MPH 546Public Health Finance and Budget Management3
MPH 547Public Health Law and Ethics3
MPH 558Public Health Policy Analysis3
MPH 578Evaluative Approaches in Public Health3
Total Credits18

Elective courses may include other MPH courses or 500-level courses from other departments. Some MPH courses are crossed listed with PHLS 400 level courses (e.g PHLS 467 Rural Health Issues and MPH 567 Rural Health Issues). Students who have previously taken one of these 400 level courses at NMSU, may not take the corresponding 500 level MPH course for degree completion credit.

The thesis option requires a total of 45 credit hours, while the non-thesis option requires 42 credit hours. Final examination for the non-thesis option includes both oral and written questions pertaining to the student’s graduate course work. Final examination for the thesis option consists of an oral defense of the thesis and related course work.

Selected elective and option courses may also be available during summer sessions.

All MPH students must comply with the Student Code of Conduct for the Department of Public Health Sciences. This can be found online at the Department's web page.(

Students completing the Community Health Education concentration are eligible to sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) examination. Students completing either the Community Health Education or the Health Management, Administration and Policy concentration are eligible to sit for the Certified Public Health (CPH) examination.