Educational Leadership & Administration (Master's Higher Education Administration) - Master of Arts

Admission Application

Applicants must meet the basic admission requirements of the Graduate School before they are considered for admission. In addition, applicants must provide, to the ELA department the following:

  • a one-page letter of application indicating career interests and reasons for wanting to pursue a master's degree
  • a professional résumé
  • a two-page professional or academic writing sample
  • and three letters of recommendation.

The letters of support must be mailed directly to the department from the writer. The ELA admissions committee will not consider incomplete applications.  


Students interested in higher education administration must have a bachelor's degree.

Application Deadline

This program begins in the spring semester only. All materials for this program must be received by the deadline specified on the ELA website. Admission requirements are available from the Department of Educational Leadership and Administration, or on the website at Students will be informed upon their formal acceptance into the program.

Program Delivery

There is a mandatory face-to-face orientation in Las Cruces prior to the start of the spring semester, January.  All other classes are 100% online, distance delivery.

Prefix Title Credits
Course Requirements
ELAD 520Management of Educational Change: Higher Education3
ELAD 540Management of Student Services in Higher Education3
ELAD 550Higher Education Law3
ELAD 555Higher Education Finance and Funding3
ELAD 563Higher Education Administration3
or ELAD 582 Community College Administration
ELAD 566Internship: Higher Education Part I3
ELAD 567Internship: Higher Education Part II3
ELAD 569Basing Decision on Data: Higher Education.3
ELAD 580Administration of Adult and Continuing Education3
ELAD 585Elements of Research3
ELAD 586Leadership for Social Justice and Equity3
Total Credits33

A Suggested Plan of Study

The Master of Arts in Educational Administration with a Concentration in Higher Education Administration begin enrollment in the Spring semester and has Summer coursework. Students will complete the program in a Spring-Summer-Fall format.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Semester 1Credits
ELAD 582
Community College Administration
or Higher Education Administration
ELAD 585 Elements of Research 3
Semester 2
ELAD 520 Management of Educational Change: Higher Education 3
ELAD 555 Higher Education Finance and Funding 3
Semester 3
ELAD 540 Management of Student Services in Higher Education 3
ELAD 550 Higher Education Law 3
Second Year
Semester 1
ELAD 586 Leadership for Social Justice and Equity 3
ELAD 566 Internship: Higher Education Part I 3
Semester 2
ELAD 580 Administration of Adult and Continuing Education 3
ELAD 569 Basing Decision on Data: Higher Education. 3
Semester 3
ELAD 567 Internship: Higher Education Part II 3
 Total Credits33