Kinesiology - Doctor of Philosophy


The PhD in Kinesiology requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of formal coursework (beyond a masters degree) and an expected 24 credit hours of research and dissertation work. Thus, the minimum expected credit hour accumulation is 60 credit hours.

At least 12 credit hours must come from graduate courses in the department of Kinesiology and Dance, and the student must have at least one course in each of the foundational knowledge content areas (CA) in Kinesiology, including:

  1. Relationships among physical activity, health and quality of life
  2. Scientific foundations for study of physical activity and human movement
  3. Social, cultural and historical context of the study of physical activity
  4. Practice of physical activity

At least 12 credit hours must be taken in research methodologies, at least 3 credits of which must be in experimental statistics, and at least 3 credits from a qualitative methods course(s). There are many options for these courses on the NMSU campus that will permit the student to meet this requirement.

The remaining 12 credit hours are taken at the direction of the student’s advisor and committee, and agreed upon at the time of the student’s qualifying exam (see below).


Students seeking the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Kinesiology must pass a (1) Qualifying Examination that must be completed before accumulating more than 24 credit hours towards their degree, a (2) Comprehensive Exam including written and/or oral elements that must be completed prior to beginning a final dissertation project, and a (3) Final Exam that features the defense of their final dissertation study.


The candidate for the degree of Doctor in Philosophy in Kinesiology must complete a dissertation in a focused area of study. The student and his/her committee must agree upon the dissertation topic and approval of the dissertation requires consent of the plurality of the student’s committee members. The student must complete a minimum of 18 dissertation credit hours.

Graduate courses currently offered in the department of Kinesiology & Dance

Prefix Title Credits
SPMD 4997Problems1-3
SPMD 5310Inferential Statistics in Sports and Excercise Science3
SPMD 5350Principles of Strength and Conditioning 2,43
SPMD 5410Biomechanics 1,23
SPMD 5450Exercise for Special Populations 1,43
SPMD 5510Psychology of Sport3
SPMD 5550Skill Acquistion and Performance3
SPMD 5575Advanced Motor Development3
SPMD 6310The Social Construction of the Body 33
SPMD 6350Advanced Exercise Physiology3
SPMD 6410Cardiovascular Physiology 23
SPMD 6450Skeletal Muscle: Structure and Function 23
SPMD 6510Designing Resistance Training Program 43
SPMD 6710Project1-12
SPMD 6750Kinesiology Research1-3
SPMD 6996Special Topics1-3
SPMD 7000Doctoral Dissertation1-18

  Meets content area (CA) 1 requirement


  Meets content area (CA) 2 requirement


  Meets content area (CA) 3 requirement


  Meets content area (CA) 4 requirement