Clinical Psychopharmacology - (Post-Doctoral) Master of Science

The curriculum for the Postdoctoral Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology (MSCP) degree program is modeled on the American Psychological Association (APA) recommended curriculum, adopted in 1998, set forth by the Blue Ribbon Task Force (comprised of national experts in psychopharmacology including physicians, psychiatrists, Department of Defense Demonstration Project prescribing psychologists, neuroscientists, pharmacists and nurses).  In addition, the NMSU program adheres to all regulations set forth by the New Mexico Board of Psychologist Examiners and the New Mexico Board of Medical Examiners.  And is designed in congruence with New Mexico state law for prescribing psychologists.  The program is dynamic, changing with the field, and has been modified according to recommended revisions of the American Psychological Association in 2009, then again in 2019 ( MSCP is an APA Designated Postdoctoral Psychopharmacology Education and Training Program.  New Mexico State University is only one of three university programs in the country with said designation status.

Program of Study: 

Prefix Title Credits
RXPP 601Introduction to Psychopharmacology for Psychologists I3
RXPP 602Introduction to Psychopharmacology for Psychologists II3
RXPP 603Clinical Psychopharmacology I3
RXPP 604Clinical Psychopharmacology II3
RXPP 605Clinical Psychopharmacology III3
RXPP 606Pathophysiology for Psychologists I3
RXPP 607Pathophysiology for Psychologists II3
RXPP 608Pathophysiology for Psychologists III3
RXPP 609Psychopharmacological Treatment in Special Populations I3
RXPP 610Psychopharmacological Treatment in Special Populations II3
RXPP 611Supervised Experience in Psychopharmacology I3
RXPP 612Supervised Experience in Psychopharmacology II3
RXPP 698Selected Topics3
Total Credits39