Undergraduate Admissions

A student may be accepted for undergraduate admission to NMSU as either:

  • A degree-seeking student or
  • A nondegree student under the policies and conditions as set forth in this section.

How to Apply as a First-Time Student (Regular Student)

Requirements for admission as a degree-seeking student include the following:

  • A formal application for admission, accompanied by a one-time $20 nonrefundable application fee.
  • An official transcript with the student’s high school credits is to be sent directly from the high school to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Students who attended a college or university while in high school must request official transcripts(s) sent directly to the Undergraduate Admissions Office by the Registrar of each college or any post-secondary educational institution previously attended, you may hand carry the official sealed and unopened school envelope to our office.
  • Official results of the American College Testing Program (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) are to be sent directly from the Testing Centers to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. All freshman applicants are required to submit scores from either the ACT or the SAT before a final admission is granted.

Freshman Admission Requirements 

Students who meet the minimum high school course requirements listed below must meet one of the following criteria in order to be admitted:

  • Cumulative high school GPA of 2.75 
  • Ranked in the top 20 percent of their graduating class 
  • ACT composite score of 21 or SAT score* of 990 (SAT score of 1060 for new format) 

*NMSU uses combined scores from the critical verbal and math portions of the SAT for admission and scholarship purposes. NMSU will be taking scores from the traditional SAT and the new SAT format, which was launched March 2016. 

Note: All entering freshmen must submit official ACT or SAT scores before final admission is granted. ACT code=2638, SAT=4531 

Subject Units
English 4*
Math 4**
Science 2***
Foreign Language/Fine Art 1

*Must include at least 2 units of writing intensive courses, one of which must be a junior or senior level course
**From Algebra1, Geometry, Algebra II, and one additional math course
***Beyond general science

Applicants who meet all the requirements listed above will be offered admission to NMSU. An applicant who does not meet all the requirements may also be offered admission if a review of their additional information indicates that the student would be successful at NMSU. 

We encourage all students to apply for admission to NMSU. When reviewing the admissibility of students, we consider many factors, including high school GPA, test scores, dual-credit coursework, leadership experience, community involvement and other accomplishments. Applicants may be asked for additional information, including academic letters of recommendation, in support of their application. 

Aggie Pathway

In the Aggie Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program, our system of five campuses work together to navigate you toward a bachelor’s degree – even if you initially don’t meet admission requirements to the university. Aggie Pathway students may transition to the Las Cruces campus after successful completion of:

  • 24 credits, in addition to any required developmental courses 
  • 2.50 cumulative college GPA 

Students participating in the Aggie Pathway program can attend academic, cultural and athletic events on the NMSU Las Cruces campus. Students enrolling through NMSU Doña Ana have access to on-campus housing and dining. For more information, please visit http://aggiepathway.nmsu.edu/ or call 575-646-8011. 

How to Apply as a GED or HISET Student

Students must complete the GED or HiSET in English. Satisfactory scores on either the GED or HiSet tests, official high school transcript and the ACT or SAT test are required.  

How to Apply as a Home School Student

The home school educator must submit a signed transcript or document that lists the courses completed and grades earned by the student, as well as, indicate the date the student completed or graduated from the home school program. The ACT or SAT test is also required. 

Home school students who are New Mexico residents and wish to participate in the Lottery Success Scholarship program are required to submit official New Mexico GED or HiSET test results in English.

Aggie Welcome and Orientation

At the mandatory Aggie Welcome and Orientation events students will attend information sessions, meet with an academic advisor and register for classes. Please remember that it is extremly important to submit your ACT or SAT scores prior to attending your Aggie Welcome and Orientation (AWO) program, as these scores are used to place you into academic courses. Students that do not have an ACT/SAT score in file for their AWO program will not receive a final schedule upon completion and may be subject to a change of schedule upon receiving official test scores. Students will also learn more about college life and campus resources.

For information, please contact the Aggie Welcome and Orientation Office at (575) 646-4496 or (575) 646-8038 and can be reached via email at awo@nmsu.edu or http://awo.nmsu.edu/.

How to Apply as a Nondegree Seeking Student

Nondegree admission is designed to meet the needs of non-traditional, part-time students who do not wish to pursue a degree at this university. Courses taken in this status may not be used to meet university admission requirements. Students interested in using nondegree credit for initial teacher certification or certification in a new field need to contact the College of Education.

Students on nondegree status are ineligible to receive financial aid or student employment; and are ineligible to participate in student government or intercollegiate athletics. They are also ineligible to receive benefits from any veterans’ program.

Transcripts from previous institutions, high school, and/or results of college entrance exams may be required to assure readiness for university-level courses. A $20 one-time, non-refundable, nondegree application fee is required.

Nondegree students are subject to the same university regulations as regular students.

Changing from Nondegree Status

A nondegree student in good academic standing at NMSU must submit a formal application for a change of status from nondegree to degree seeking. Requirements for regular admission must be met. Nondegree students may not transfer more than 30 credits from this status to any undergraduate degree program with the exception of students participating in a high school concurrent enrollment program.

How to Apply For Readmission

Former students of the NMSU system, who have been out of school for more than two consecutive semesters are required to make a formal application for readmission. Applications should be submitted to the Undergraduate Admissions Office before the opening of the semester or summer sessions for which the student plans to enroll.

A student who has attended other institutions during an absence must have official transcripts sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office and must be eligible to return to the college or university they last attended. Transcripts must be received prior to the date of registration. Admission status at the time of readmission will normally be determined by previous NMSU academic standing. However, academic performance at other institutions attended during the applicant’s absence from NMSU may be taken into consideration in determining the student’s admission status.

Opportunities for High Schools Students

Dual Credit for High School Students

The Dual Credit Program is designed to give high school students an opportunity to enroll at NMSU prior to high school graduation. Students must be either a junior or senior in high school and enrolled in one-half or more of the minimum course requirements approved by the following:

  • Public Education Department in a New Mexico public school district;
  • Locally chartered and state-chartered charter school;
  • State-supported school;
  • Be in physical attendance at a bureau of Indian education-funded high school at least three documented contact hours per day.

Under Senate Bill 158 signed by the Governor and effective July 1, 2014, support for dual credit privileges at post-secondary institutions is now available for private and home school-eligible students. Under a Statewide Dual Credit Master Agreement between NMSU and the school district, students enrolled in approved dual credit courses are eligible to have the full cost of tuition and general fees waived.

Dual credit students must complete:

  1. the Undergraduate Admission Application
  2. provide official high school transcript and official ACT or SAT scores to the Undergraduate Admissions Office (and)
  3. complete the State of New Mexico Dual Credit Request Form.

Requirements to be admitted to the dual credit or early admission programs are:

  1. high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.0
  2. an ACT composite of 23 or equivalent SAT score (and)
  3. substantial progress toward completion of the following high school courses: 4 units of English, 4 units of Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and one additional math course), 2 units of Science (beyond General Science), 1 unit of foreign language or a unit of fine arts.

Application Materials

All documents submitted as part of the official admissions process become property of NMSU and will not be returned to the student. Application materials are retained for one calendar year for students who apply but do not attend.

Application Deadlines

Applications for admission should be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at least 30 days before the beginning of the regular semester or summer sessions in which the student intends to enroll. The deadline for application to NMSU's Nursing Program is February 1st for the fall semester and September 1st for the Spring semester.

Out-of-State Students and Legal Jurisdiction

By applying for admission/enrollment, both the student and parents agree that New Mexico law prevails and all litigation will be in federal or state court in New Mexico.

Contact Information

For more information, contact:

Undergraduate Admissions Office, MSC 3A
New Mexico State University
PO Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
Phone: (575) 646-3121