Civil Engineering - Master of Science in Civil Engineering

In support of the mission and vision statements for the graduate program, the Civil Engineering Department adopts the following goals for the Master of Science (MS) degree:

  1. Prepare students to fulfill the academic prerequisites specified by the Americans Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for Licensure and Professional Practice in Civil Engineering.
  2. Prepare students to attain the Body of Knowledge specified by ASCE necessary for entry into the practice of civil engineering at the professional level.
  3. Prepare students in conducting applied research in areas relevant to the practice of civil engineering.
  4. Prepare students for advanced graduate studies towards a terminal degree.

Students may choose from the geotechnical, structural, or water resources engineering options, requirements of which are specified below. Exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the head of the department. Further information related to the MS degree may be found under the Academic Programs of Study section of the catalog.

Option: Geotechnical Engineering

Thesis Option

Background Courses
Soil Mechanics3
Foundation Design3
Introductory Geology (or higher-level courses)4
Reinforced Concrete Design (or higher-level courses based on ACI)3
Core Courses9
Advanced Soil Mechanics3
Deep Foundations3
Slope Stability Analysis and Design3
Optional Courses
Select two from the following: 16
Design of Earth Dams3
Advanced Pavement Analysis3
Ground Water Hydrology3
Select two from the following:6
Pavement Analysis and Design3
Finite Element Methods (or similar course)3
Advanced Pavement Analysis3
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering3
Select 3 credits from courses outside the area or department 23
Statistical Inference I (or similar statistics course)4
Advances in Concrete Technology3
Advanced Concrete Design3
Special Topics1-3
Special Design and Analysis Program3-6
Select 3 credits from mathematics, numerical methods, or programming (450 or higher)
Research Credits
C E 599Master's Thesis 36
Total Credits30

Can be taken as C E 503 Special Design and Analysis Program. A maximum of 6 credits of C E 503 Special Design and Analysis Program are counted toward the Masters Degree program.


Geological Sciences or Geophysics course (For example: GEOL 470 Structural Geology).


A maximum of 6 credits are counted toward the Masters Degree program.


  1. The optional courses outside the area or department should be previously approved by the academic advisor or student's Graduate Committee.
  2. International students must be registered at least 9 credits per semester.
  3. International students may be required to take English language courses to show proficiency in English.

Total credits needed are 24 credits of coursework and 6 credits of Master's Thesis research.

Option: Structural Engineering

Thesis Option

Background Courses
Structural Analysis4
Elements of Steel Design (based on AISC)3
Reinforced Concrete Design (based on ACI)3
Core Courses15
Advanced Mechanics of Materials3
Finite Element Methods3
Advanced Design of Steel Structures3
Advanced Concrete Design3
Structural Dynamics3
Optional Courses
Select three from the following:9
Advanced Mechanics of Steel Structures3
Advanced Engineering Design3
Deep Foundations3
Advances in Concrete Technology3
Bridge Engineering3
Wood Design3
Masonry Design3
Earthquake Engineering3
Advanced Pavement Analysis3
Advanced Finite Element Methods3
Prestressed Concrete3
Research Credits
C E 599Master's Thesis 16
Total Credits30

A maximum of 6 credits are counted toward the Master's Degree program.

Total credits needed are 24 credits of coursework and 6 credits of Master's Thesis research.

Option: Water Resources Engineering

Thesis Option

Prerequisite Courses
Core courses12
Area of Interest Courses9
C E 599Master's Thesis6
Total Credits30

Non-Thesis Option

Core courses12
Area of Interest Courses15
Total Credits30

Foundation Requirements

  1. ABET- Accredited BS in Civil, Agricultural, Geological Engineering, or closely related field or equivalent (as per existing CAGE Department regulations)
  2. One course in surface water hydrology
  3. One course in hydrogeology or geohydrology
  4. At least three semesters of hydraulic and hydraulic design

Core Courses

Core Courses12
Open Channel Hydraulics3
Water Resources Development3
Ground Water Hydrology3
Statistical Hydrology3
Statistical Inference I (or advanced statistics class if student is qualified)4
Total Credits15

Area of Interest Courses (Flexible)

Agricultural/ Civil/ Environmental Engineering

Design of Water Wells/Pumping Systems3
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering3
Hydraulic Structures3
Surface Water Hydrology3
Design of Earth Dams3
Special Design and Analysis Program3-6
Advanced Engineering Design3
Topics in Hydrodynamics II3
Surface Water Quality Modeling3
Fate and Transport of Environmental Contaminants3
System Design for Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS &T)3
Advanced Soil Physics3

Modeling/ Fluid Mechanics

Intermediate Fluid Mechanics3
Computational and Theoretical Fluid Mechanics3
Engineering Analysis II3


Linear Programming3
Nonlinear Programming3
Discrete Optimization3

Institutional Aspects

Negotiation and Business Dispute Resolution3

Approved Electives in College of Engineering: A ST, AEEC, GEOG, GEOL, MATH, STAT, and SOIL (must be approved by the Advisor and Committee Members).