Chemical Process Industry - Master of Engineering

The MECPI is a coursework and project-based degree with added emphasis on business characteristics of the Chemical Process Industry. MECPI students will spend a calendar year performing a detailed economic and market analysis of the capstone problem as assigned in CHME 455 Chemical Plant Design, or based on a suitable engineering project from the industry or their employer (as approved by the CHME faculty). Students who elect to pursue the MECPI must have a BSCHE.  For those who pursue the advanced economic capstone, it is advisable students have completed the sequence of simulation science courses CHME 352 L, CHME 452 L, and CHME 455 L (or equivalent training with a process simulator) and have completed ACCT 221/ ACCT 222 and ECON 251G/ ECON 252G.

The MECPI requires a total of 32 credit hours and can be completed in 3 academic semesters beginning from the fall semester and including the summer of study.  MECPI students will complete the core graduate CHME courses (12 cr) one CHME technical elective (3 cr), three Business/Economics/Management (BEM) electives from an approved list (9 cr), and the CPI analysis sequence CHME 595 Chemical Process Design and Business Analysis, CHME 596 Chemical Process Industries Research, and CHME 597 Advanced Chemical Process Industry Analysis (8 cr). 

MECPI candidates must submit the product of their CHME 557 analysis for publication in an appropriate journal identified during CHME 596 CPI Research.  If a journal article is not ready for submission by Fall Year 2, the student will be required to continue CHME 596 until the article is submitted.

Prefix Title Credits
CHME 501Graduate Thermodynamics for Chemical Engineers3
CHME 506Graduate Transport Phenomena(s)3
CHME 516Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering3
CHME 542Graduate Reactor Analysis and Design (s)3
CHME 594Professional Communication in Chemical Engineering2
CHME 595Chemical Process Design and Business Analysis3
CHME 596Chemical Process Industries Research1
CHME 597Advanced Chemical Process Industry Analysis2
CHME Elective 13
MECPI Electives 29
Total Credits32
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CHME 501 Graduate Thermodynamics for Chemical Engineers 3
CHME 516 Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering 3
MECPI Elective 3
CHME 506 Graduate Transport Phenomena(s) 3
CHME 542 Graduate Reactor Analysis and Design (s) 3
CHME 594 Professional Communication in Chemical Engineering 2
CHME 595 Chemical Process Design and Business Analysis 3
CHME 596 Chemical Process Industries Research 1
MECPI Elective 3
Second Year
CHME 597 Advanced Chemical Process Industry Analysis 2
CHME Elective 3
MECPI Elective 3
 Total Credits32