Chemical Process Industry - Master of Engineering in Chemical Process Industry (Online)

The MECPI is a 30 credit hour coursework and/or project-based degree with flexibility of program design for professionals in the Chemical Process Industry.  Proposals for the MECPI may be submitted at  MECPI requirements are as follows:

CHME coursework (15 cr hr)

  • minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework with CHME prefixes above the 500-level (not including CHME 595, 596, 597, or any research credits associated with the MS and Ph D), of which at least six hours must come from the core sequence of CHME 501, 506, 516, 542 (or equivalent content approved in advance by the MECPI committee). 
  • 3-credit hour course in industrial safety is required.  CHME 548 is recommended, though other course options with similar content can be proposed. 

Professional Communications (3 cr hr)

Students must complete a minimum of 3 credit hours in professional communications.  CHME 594 (2) and CHME 690 (1) are recommended to fulfill this requirement , but students may propose 500+ level communications courses beyond CHME to fulfill this requirement.

Open Electives (6 cr hr)

Students are expected to take a minimum of 6 credits of electives from any areas such as business, economics, fundamental sciences, environmental sciences, etc., to be consistent with their personal MECPI theme or emphasis.  

Optional Engineering Project Sequence (6 cr hr)

Students will define and execute an engineering project through their employer while taking the following 3-semester course sequence (after completion of  a minimum of 12 credit hours of CHME coursework toward the MECPI):

  • CHME 595. Chemical Process Design and Business Analysis (3 credit hours) – Develop and present a proposal to demonstrate grasp of graduate-level chemical industry process design and assessment principles, emphasizing appropriate foundational tools (literature review, patent search, heuristics application, process simulation assistance to process creation, synthesis of reactor and separator trains, second-law analysis, heat and power integration, process equipment mechanical design specifications, process design optimization, etc., as appropriate to the proposed project), with a requirement that the project include some form of economic and business assessment of the work.
  • CHME 596. Chemical Process Industries Research (1 credit hour) - Independent project development based on proposal approved in CHME 595.
  • CHME 597. Advanced Chemical Process Industry Analysis (2 credit hours) - In-depth analysis and defense of a timely commercially-relevant chemical process design, culminating in defense of the work before the MECPI committee.
  • MECPI students may replace the project with an additional 6 credit hours of CHME coursework.  

Students accepted into the MECPI program may use the online MECPI degree plan proposal form to request a tailored curriculum personalized to their individual needs based on their current or planned employment in the chemical process industries.