Education (Language, Literature & Culture) - Master of Arts

The program with a concentration in Language, Literacy and Culture (Reading, without licensure) prepares educational leaders and scholars who understand reading, language and literacy education in complex and diverse ways; particularly as these relate to issues of social justice and equity. This program emphasizes the development of critical and expansive perspectives on language and multiculturalism with a focus on the relevance of these for PreK-12 public school students from diverse ethno-linguistic backgrounds. Participants are encourages to engage in leadership and research activities in a variety of settings at local, state and federal levels.

Prefix Title Credits
Course Requirements
TPAL Core Course15
Multicultural Education3
Curriculum and Pedagogy I3
Technology and Pedagogy3
Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy3
Action Research Projects 13
Language, Literacy & Culture Core Courses12
Adult and Family Literacy3
Literacy Assessment and Evaluation3
Theory and Pedagogy of Literature for Children and Adolescents3
Sociopsycholinguistics of Reading3
Elective Courses6
Literacy Development in Early Childhood3
Introduction to Instructional Leadership for Literacy Educators3
Practicum in Literacy Education1-6
Total Credits33