Online Teaching and Learning - Graduate Certificate

The Online Teaching and Learning Graduate Certificate (OTLGC) is fully online certificate for professionals in business, government, education, or other settings who want to develop their knowledge and skills in online teaching and learning.

OTL utilizes technology-based environments to actively engage students in designing formal educational projects that meet professional objectives. The five core courses (3-credits each) are sequences to provide an intense immersion in a dynamic online environment and culminates in an online teaching practicum.

Prime candidates for the OTLGC program are individuals with a need to explore online teaching and learning techniques and the willingness to engage in collaborative learning projects.

OTL courses can be taken as electives by students who do not wish to complete the certificate program.

Current NMSU graduate students can take the OTLGC program. However, the decision about if and how OTL courses factor into a degree plan, or not, is decided by the department issuing the graduate degree. It’s highly recommended you meet with your graduate advisor before you start the OTLGC program. You will either have to complete the OTLGC before or during the same semester you complete your graduate degree. If you start the OTLGC during your graduate degree program you cannot complete the OTLGC after completing your graduate degree. If you start the OTLGC program after completing your graduate degree, there isn’t a conflict.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
EDLT 560 Fostering Online Learning Communities 3
EDLT 575 Designing and Organizing Online Learning Environments 3
EDLT 580 Tools and Techniques for Online Teaching 3
EDLT 590 Capstone 3
EDLT 592 Directed Studies 1 3
 Total Credits15

Other courses that are available are EDLT 561 Social Media in Blended and Online Learning Environments (for Fall), EDLT 579 Universal Design in Online Course Design or EDLT 581 Emerging Technology Tools and Techniques (for Spring), EDLT 578 Design and Delivery of Webconferences and Webinars (for Summer).