Education - Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

  • This is a non-licensure degree that is intended for working teachers who already have a license but want to continue their studies, specialize in a specific teaching field and earn a master’s degree. The program requires a minimum of 33 credit hours, with 15 credits in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction core courses and 18 credit hours from an area of teaching content specialization (i.e., generally in the College of Arts & Sciences) numbered 450 or above. The professional coursework must be taken in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction and culminates with a written examination over the program of study. A candidate may choose to write a thesis in place of the written exam. Please check with your faculty advisor or the Director for Graduate Programs for additional information.
C&I Core Courses
EDUC 515Multicultural Education3
EDUC 516Curriculum and Pedagogy I3
EDUC 518Technology and Pedagogy3
EDUC 519Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy3
EDUC 520Action Research Projects 13

This course is the final core course that students are required to take. EDUC 515, 516, 518 and 519 are prerequisites to taking EDUC 520.

 Current MAT Programs

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction currently offers the following customized MAT Programs in collaboration with colleagues from other departments.

For additional information about the MAT, please contact the Departmental office (575-646-4820) or