Early Childhood - Bachelor of Science in Education

General Education Courses35
Area I: English and Communications:
Rhetoric and Composition4
Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences3
Advanced Composition
Public Speaking3
Principles of Human Communication
Area III: Laboratory Sciences:
Two different subjects with labs, must be G courses:
The Planets4
Introduction to Astronomy
Human Biology
Natural History of Life
Cellular and Organismal Biology
Introductory Environmental Science4
Introductory to Geology4
The Dynamic Earth4
Geography of the Natural Environment4
The Great Ideas of Physics4
Introduction to Acoustics4
General Physics I
General Physics II
Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences (9 credits):
Human Growth and Behavior3
Choose two courses from two different departments:
Introduction to Anthropology3
Introduction to Economics3
Principles of Macroeconomics3
Principles of Microeconomics3
World Regional Geography3
Culture and Environment3
American National Government3
Introduction to Political Science3
Introductory Sociology3
Area V: Humanities and Fine Arts (9 credits):
Global History to 15003
Global History Since 1500
Introduction to Early American History3
Introduction to Recent American History
Choose one from the following:
Orientation in Art3
Dance Appreciation3
An Introduction to Music3
History of Jazz in Popular Music: A Blending of Cultures3
The World of Theatre3
Viewing a Wider World Courses6
Professional Education Courses
ECED 115Child Growth, Development, and Learning3
ECED 125Health, Safety, and Nutrition2
ECED 135Family and Community Collaboration3
ECED 215Curriculum Development Through Play3
ECED 220Early Childhood Education Practicum I2
ECED 225Curriculum Development and Implementation II3
ECED 230Early Childhood Education Practicum II2
ECED 235Introduction to Language, Literacy and Reading3
ECED 245Professionalism2
ECED 255Assessment of Children and Evaluation of Programs3
ECED 265Guiding Young Children3
ECED 315Research in Child, Growth, Development and Learning3
ECED 335Family, Language and Cultural3
ECED 440Teaching and Learning Math and Science4
ECED 455Teaching and Learning Social Studies, Fine Arts and Movement3
RDG 350Teaching and Learning Reading and Writing3
SPED 450Working with Young Children with Special Needs, Ages 3-83
SPED 451Assessment of Young Children, Birth-Eight3
ECED 329Early Primary Field Placement2
Electives: to bring total to 122 (48 credits must be upperdivision for university requirements)28
Total Credits122