Spanish Counseling - Graduate Minor

The Minor in Spanish Counseling, offered through the Counseling and Educational Psychology department is open to graduate students who are enrolled in CEP graduate programs including Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Psychology, Counseling Psychology and also to graduate students who are enrolled in Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapy programs. It was established in the interest of meeting the needs of bilingual counseling students who seek training in the provision of Spanish language mental health services.

Students will successfully complete 9 credits of coursework specific to this program of study in order to obtain a Minor in Spanish Counseling. Courses will be taught by culturally competent faculty, adjunct professors, or community mental health professionals in the aforementioned disciplines. Students will choose one course from each of the following components:

  1. Counseling language development
  2. Clinical experiences
  3. Sociocultural experiences.

Students must currently be enrolled in a Mental Health program as described above. They must demonstrate intermediate level Spanish language skills as evidenced by the Spanish Placement Exam and an oral interview with the program coordinator. Advanced level in Spanish counseling skills is required for the completion of the Minor. If a student feels that he/she needs to improve his/her level of academic Spanish prior to completing the required coursework, or if the program coordinator determines that it is necessary, the student has the option of taking additional Spanish courses through the Languages and Linguistics department (e.g. SPAN 312 Grammar for Heritage/Native Speakers of Spanish, SPAN 313 Spanish Grammar, SPAN 314 Spanish Composition, and SPAN 315 Composition for Heritage/Native Speakers of Spanish). Students will be required to take Spanish language courses until they have satisfied this requirement. Please note that online courses will not fulfill this requirement. For application and coursework details, please contact the CEP department office or visit the departmental website at