Business Administration - Doctor of Philosophy

Concentration: Management

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The College of Business offers a program leading to a PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Our program meets the requirements of AACSB international by providing students with advanced management-related theoretical, research and applied knowledge and skills. We are committed to educating researchers, teachers, and scholars who will lead and shape business and organizational life in the decades to come. We prepare you to understand the complexities of business and its social and international contexts while you develop a specialized area of expertise. Our program is flexible in order to align programs of study with job opportunities and students’ interest areas. Research skills are developed through course work and mentoring relationships, as you will work with faculty to pursue joint research according to your interest and faculty members' expertise. Our faculty prepare students for academic research and teaching careers in managerial and organizational sciences; consulting careers with industrial, governmental, health, or educational institutions; or leadership careers in organizational management and administration.

Concentration: Marketing

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The College offers a program leading to a Ph.D. degree. The faculty of the PhD Program in Business Administration is committed to training researchers and educators who will shape business scholarship, practice and pedagogy. The program emphasizes preparing candidates to understand the complexities of modern business while they develop a specialized area of expertise in marketing or management. The PhD in Business Administration provides graduates with the opportunity to pursue a variety of career paths within academia and within industry. Currently concentrations are offered in management and marketing, and each admits students independently.

Program Requirements

  • demonstrate competency in statistics and research methods;
  • complete studies in a major field of concentration chosen from the departments of management or marketing in the College of Business;
  • complete studies in a minor field of concentration or interest area that supports the student’s research, teaching and/or career goals;
  • pass qualifying and comprehensive exams; and
  • complete and successfully defend a doctoral dissertation.