Sociology - Bachelor of Arts

 Departmental Requirements

SOC 101GIntroductory Sociology3
SOC 351Sociological Theory3
SOC 352Social Research: Methods 1,23
SOC 353Sociological Research: Analysis 13
SOC 401Introduction to Sociological Practice3
Departmental Electives
Select sufficient electives in sociology to bring total credits in major to 33, including 24 upper-division of which 6 credits must be 400 level (excluding SOC 401). 318
Total Credits33

Criminal Justice/Sociology double majors may be permitted to substitute C J 300 Introduction to Criminal Justice Research for SOC 352 Social Research: Methods and C J 301 Advanced Research Methods for SOC 353 Sociological Research: Analysis


Government/Sociology double majors may be permitted to substitute GOVT 300 Political Research Skills for SOC 352 Social Research: Methods upon approval of appropriate substitution/waiver forms.


The six credits of SOC 400 electives does not include SOC 401 Introduction to Sociological PracticeSOC 449 Directed Readings can be applied to this requirement. A maximum of six credits of SOC 449 Directed Readings is allowed. In addition, for those in the Master's Accelerated Program, SOC 500 electives can be used to meet the six credit requirement.

In addition, substitution/waivers for courses may be available upon consultation with the Department Head in the Department of Sociology. In all cases, the total number of sociology credits (courses with SOC prefix) must be a minimum of 33.

Degree Requirements

General Education Courses35
Viewing a Wider World Courses6
Departmental Requirements33
Electives: to bring total to 120 credits, with 48 credits being upper-division46
Total Credits120

Second Language

For the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology there is no second language requirement for the degree.