Psychology - Graduate Minor

Any master’s or doctoral student can declare a minor in Psychology in addition to their major area of study.

Students may earn a minor in psychology at the M.A. or Ph.D. level by completing nine credits of any 500-level and above coursework in psychology EXCEPT the following courses (PSY 507, PSY 508, PSY 509,PSY 590, PSY 598, PSY 599, PSY 600, or PSY 700).

All minors must be approved by the minor department head and dean of the Graduate School. Students must declare the Psychology minor on a Program of Study and Committee Form for the Master’s and doctoral level. Demonstration of competency in the minor area will be required at both comprehensive and final examinations. Students must also include a representative from the Psychology department on their thesis, comprehensive, and/or dissertation committees. The representative from the minor department can also serve as the Dean’s Representative on the committee.