Psychology - Bachelor of Arts

General Requirements

Students must receive a C- or better in courses used to satisfy the departmental and nondepartmental requirements of the psychology major. Students must also complete all University degree requirements, which include: General Education requirements, Viewing a Wider World requirements, and elective credits to total 120 credits with 48 of them being upper division.

Departmental Requirements
PSY 201GIntroduction to Psychology3
Select one from the following: 3
Abnormal Psychology3
Developmental Psychology: Conception through Childhood3
History and Systems of Psychology3
Research Methods
PSY 310Experimental Methods 14
PSY 311Advanced Research Seminar4
Basic Mechanisms
Select 3 credits from the following: 23
Introduction to Psycholinguistics3
Psychology and the Brain3
Evolutionary Psychology3
Acquisition and Use of Knowledge
Select 3 credits from the following: 23
Cognitive Psychology3
Understanding Behavior
Select one from the following: 23
Social Psychology3
Psychology of Personality3
Additional Electives 311
Nondepartmental Requirements
Select one from the following: 3
Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences3
Statistics for Psychological Sciences3
Statistical Applications3
Philosophy course 300-level or above 43
At least three credits of introductory biology3
Select one from the following: 54
Human Biology
and Human Biology Laboratory
Natural History of Life
and Natural History of Life Laboratory
Cellular and Organismal Biology
and Cellular and Organismal Biology Laboratory 6
Second Language Option13-15
Total Credits60-62

PSY 310 Experimental Methods: prerequisite of PSY 201G Introduction to Psychology


requirements are to be met after the student has completed PSY 310 Experimental Methods (which has prerequisites of PSY 201G Introduction to Psychology, and either STAT 251G Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences or STAT 271G Statistics for Psychological Sciences or A ST 311 Statistical Applications


Additional electives to bring total credits in psychology to at least 34, with at least 24 of those 34 credits being upper division.


PHIL 346 Philosophy of Mind or PHIL 351 Philosophy of Science recommended


A course that includes a laboratory is highly recommended, and is required if intended to satisfy Gen Ed Area III


Prerequisite: CHEM 110G Principles and Applications of Chemistry or CHEM 111G General Chemistry I or CHEM 115 Principles of Chemistry I

Second Language

Students seeking the BA in Psychology must meet the second language requirement by completing one of the following three skills requirements:

Option 1: Traditional Language Track

Options as described in Section III of College Degree Requirements under College Degree Requirements under College of Arts and Sciences (i.e. typically through 212 or 214 or Arts & Sciences Certification, Option B).

Option 2: Computer Science Track

C S 153Python Programming I3
C S 154Python Programming II3
C S 158R Programming I3
Under special circumstances, alternative combinations of CS courses may be approved by the Department Head
Total Credits12

Option 3: Math Track

MATH 121GCollege Algebra3
MATH 190GTrigonometry and Precalculus4
MATH 191GCalculus and Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 192GCalculus and Analytic Geometry II4
Total Credits15