Mathematics - Master of Science

The Master's degree is designed to increase one's knowledge and understanding of mathematics beyond the Bachelor's degree level. It also prepares a student for future graduate work.

A candidate for a master's degree may select up to two minors in addition to the major. A minimum of 8 credits of graduate work is necessary for a minor.

Minimum Requirements for the Master's Degree

  1. In fulfillment of the Graduate School requirement of a minimum of 30 semester credits of course work, the student must take at least 24 credits of mathematics or statistics from the courses listed below.
  2. The student's program of study must be approved by the departmental Graduate Studies Committee.
  3. The student must successfully complete a master's written examination and final master's oral examination.
Minimum Requirements
Complete each of the following (12 credits):
MATH 525Advanced Linear Algebra 13
MATH 507Applications of Modern Algebra3
MATH 527Introduction to Real Analysis I 13
MATH 528Introduction to Real Analysis II 13
Complete two of the following:6
Introduction to Topology3
Mathematical Logic3
Complex Analysis I3
Probability: Theory and Applications3
Statistics: Theory and Applications3
Complete two of the following6
Lattice Theory3
Ordinary Differential Equations3
Partial Differential Equations3
Topology I3
Topology II3
Algebra 13
Algebra II3
Introduction to Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry3
Universal Algebra3
Nonlinear Dynamics I3
Measure and Integration3
Real Analysis3
Foundations of Probability3
Continuous Multivariate Analysis3
Total Credits24

The student must complete, transfer or challenge these courses.

The Master’s Written Examination

Candidates for the Master's in Mathematics must pass a written exam, offered each January and August, based on the content of MATH 525 and MATH 527.  Full-time students need to pass the written Master’s exam no later than the August following their completion of MATH 525 and MATH 527, or the start of their fourth semester in the program, whichever comes first. Graduate assistants must adhere to this timetable.  Any second try must be passed within one semester of the first.

The Master's Final Examination

The Master's final examination is an oral examination administered by the student's committee.  The exam consists of a short presentation made by the student on a topic covered in the student's coursework, followed by an examination by the committee based on the presentation and related coursework in the student's program of study. When a Master's thesis has been written, the presentation and examination is based on the student's thesis. The student's committee consists of at least three departmental members and a Graduate faculty member from another department who serves as the Dean's representative. The oral exam must be completed at least 10 days prior to the end of the semester in which the candidate wishes to receive the degree.