International Studies - Undergraduate Minor

A minor in International Studies consists of 18 credit hours of approved interdisciplinary course work of which at least 12 are upper division (300 level or above). No more than 3 credits of Independent Study may be applied to the minor and only 2 courses (6 credits) may be double counted with the course of the student’s major(s).  Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Prefix Title Credits
Required Coursework
Introductory Course:
ANTH 125GIntroduction to World Cultures3
or AXED 480 International Agricultural Development
International Experience:
A S 350Faculty Led International Travel3
Culture/Arts/Humanities: 13
Magic, Witchcraft and Religion3
Food and Culture Around the World3
Communication and Culture3
International Communication3
Literature and Culture3
Women Across Cultures3
Ethics and Global Poverty3
Comparative Global Family Systems3
Representing Women Across Cultures3
Women & Immigration3
Transnational Feminisms3
Women Crossing Borders3
History/Geography: 13
World Regional Geography3
Culture and Environment3
Cultural Geography3
Global History to 15003
Global History Since 15003
East Asia to 16003
East Asia since 1600
Islamic Civilizations to 18003
Islamic Civilizations since 1800
Modern Latin America3
Gender in East Asian History3
Government/Politics/Economics: 13
Intercultural Communication and National Security3
Developing Nations3
International Marketing3
International Business and Economic Environments3
International Economics3
Comparative International Management3
International Finance3
Comparative International Management3
International Marketing3
International Political Issues3
Model United Nations3
Management of Nonprofit Organizations3
International Relations3
Special Topics in International Relations3
International Political Economy3
American Foreign Policy3
International Law3
Indian Law and Policy3
Health/Education/Environment: 13
World Agriculture and Food Problems3
Agricultural Animals of the World3
Food and Culture Around the World3
The Diffusion and Adoption of Agricultural Innovations3
Teaching Adults in Nonformal Settings3
Keys for Agricultural and Rural Development3
Natural Resource Economics3
Multicultural Education3
Introduction to Natural Resources Management4
Management of Nonprofit Organizations3
Global Environmental Assessment and Management3
Global Environmental Health Issues3
Foundations of Community Health Education3
International Health Problems3
Comparative Global Family Systems3
Total Credits18