Gender and Sexuality Studies - Undergraduate Minor

A minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies consists of 18 credit hours of approved course work in Gender & Sexuality Studies of which at least 12 are upper division (300 level or above).

Required Core Courses
W S 201GIntroduction to Women s Studies3
or W S 202G Representing Women Across Cultures
Select one from the following:3
Seminar in Feminist Theory3
Transnational Feminisms3
Feminist Research Methodologies3
Sex, Gender and the Body3
Select 12 credits from the following:12
Masculinities Studies3
Women & Immigration3
Gender & Horror3
Arab-Muslim Feminisms3
Alternative Genders and Sexualities3
Women and Human Rights3
Gender and Graphic Narrative3
Food and Representation3
Gender and Migration3
Gender and Film Studies3
Special Topics3
Women's Studies Practicum3
Women Crossing Borders3
Gender and Popular Culture3
Total Credits18

Note: A student may not earn a bachelor’s degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies and also earn a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies.