Gender and Sexuality Studies - Bachelor of Arts

Note: Women's Studies has changed its name to Gender & Sexuality Studies. Its course prefix (W S) remains the same but will soon change to the prefix GNDR. Many course titles will be changing as well to reflect the broader focus on genders and sexualities.

The undergraduate major in Gender and Sexuality Studies specializes in the examination of gender; gender identity; queer and transgender studies; feminisms; and social justice from interdisciplinary perspectives. Students develop a strong understanding of how interconnected social formations such as race, class, age, nation, citizenship, ability, and other categories of difference are constructed and intersect with gender and sexuality. Our courses equip students with analytical skills and knowledge to engage power structures critically and transform lives and communities.

Gender and Sexuality Studies readies students for further study in the field at the graduate level as well as advanced study in a variety of disciplines. We offer a plan of study that integrates humanities and social sciences methods and objects of study, including areas of concentration such as human rights and transnational migration; socially engaged literature, film, and other creative media; and transnational and anti-colonial methodologies.

Gender and Sexuality Studies students prepare for careers in such fields as advocacy and social organizing, community development, creative writing, criminal justice, education, filmmaking and video production, health care, human resources, journalism, law, music production, social services, and visual arts. Many students declare a double major in Gender and Sexuality Studies with another discipline to enhance career opportunities and learning.

Courses are offered both online and on campus. In addition to the B.A., Gender and Sexuality Studies offers an undergraduate minor and graduate minor.

Degree requirements for the major include

  • 9 credit hours of required Gender & Sexuality Studies courses;
  • 18 credit hours of Gender & Sexuality Studies electives; and
  • 9 credit hours from a number of cross-listed courses offered both by Gender & Sexuality Studies and by other programs/departments.
  • The total credit hour requirement for the major is 36 credit hours with 21 hours at the upper division level. All requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.
Required Core Courses
W S 201GIntroduction to Women s Studies3
or W S 202G Representing Women Across Cultures
W S 455Feminist Research Methodologies3
or W S 465 Sex, Gender and the Body
W S 471Seminar in Feminist Theory3
Select six from the following:18
Masculinities Studies3
Women & Immigration3
Transnational Feminisms3
Gender & Horror3
Arab-Muslim Feminisms3
Alternative Genders and Sexualities3
Women and Human Rights3
Gender and Graphic Narrative3
Food and Representation3
Gender and Migration3
Gender and Film Studies3
Special Topics3
Women's Studies Practicum3
Women Crossing Borders3
Gender and Popular Culture3
Electives from upper division W S and cross-listed courses9
Second Language Requirement: (not required)
Total Credits36

Second Language Requirement

For the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Gender & Sexuality Studies, there is no second language requirement for the degree.