Contemporary Social Studies - Undergraduate Minor

This minor focuses on world issues since 1900. Students must pass one course taken from each of the five departments listed below, plus an additional course taken from any of the five areas or a course that is approved by the Department of History, with grades of C- or higher. Courses must not be taken on an S/U basis unless they are automatically S/U for all students. Students may substitute an appropriate subtitled special topics course, an independent readings or projects course, or an Honors course in any area with the permission of the head of the department offering the courses in that area.

Criminal Justice
Select one from the following:3
Organized Crime3
Border Violence and Justice3
Upper World Crime3
Women and Justice3
Select one from the following:3
New Mexico and the American West3
Geography of Latin America3
Cultural Geography3
Urban Geography3
Select one from the following:3
Environmental Policy3
Congress and the Legislative Process3
The American Presidency3
The Supreme Court3
American Indian Politics3
International Relations3
American Foreign Policy3
Latin American Politics3
U.S.-Mexico Border Politics3
Constitutional Law3
Civil Liberties3
Judicial Process3
Select one from the following:3
Science in Modern Society3
Rebels, Guerrillas, and Terrorists in Modern Latin America3
World War I3
World War II3
The Mexican Revolution3
Afro-American History II3
Cold War Europe3
Modern Russia3
The Holocaust3
Twentieth Century World History3
From Rule Britannia to Cool Britannia: Twentieth-Century Britain3
United States Labor History Since 18773
Nuclear Nation3
Time Traveling Through New Mexico's Past (twentieth century topics only)3
Select one from the following:3
Social Issues in the Rural Americas3
Race and Ethnic Relations3
Comparative Family Systems3
Social Inequality3
Social Change3
Individual and Society3
Juvenile Delinquency3
Social Movement Theory3
Comparative Global Family Systems3
Advanced Issues in Sex and Gender3
Environmental Sociology3
Sociology of Latinos/as in the United States3
Sociology of Organizations3
Sociology of Education3
Sociology Perspectives on the U.S.-Mexico Border3
Select an additional course from any of the five areas above or a course approved by the Department of History. 13
Total Credits18

with grades of C- or higher