Government - Bachelor of Arts

Departmental Requirements

GOVT 100GAmerican National Government3
or HON 249G American Politics in a Changing World
GOVT 101Introductory Government Seminar1
GOVT 110GIntroduction to Political Science3
or HON 248G The Citizen and the State: Great Political Issues
GOVT 300Political Research Skills3
Another social science research methods course 2
Select one upper-division course from four of six subfields:12
Public Administration and Policy (GOVT 20/30 series)
American Government and Politics (GOVT 40/50 series)
International Relations (GOVT 60 series, may include HON 304V)
Comparative Politics (GOVT 70 series may include HON 307V)
Political Theory GOVT 80 series may include GOVT 380V)
Public Law (GOVT 90 series)
GOVT 415Senior Seminar (take in final year)2
Select additional credits in government to bring total credits in major to 33, including 20 upper-division.9
Total Credits33

Majors should complete these lower level requirements before registering for upper-division government credits. 


A list of approved options is available in the department office.

Degree Requirements

General Education Courses35
Viewing a Wider World Courses6
Departmental Requirements (listed above):33
Second Language Requirement at the 212/214 level or the 300-level 33
Electives: to bring total to 120, of which 48 credits are upper-division43
Total Credits120

The second language requirement is a minimum of 3 credits, please see the College of Arts and Sciences pages for discussion of the ways to pass this requirement.

Note: Students may not count S/U grades taken in their major unless the particular course is regularly graded S/U. All courses must be passed with grades of C- or better. In addition, while research methods courses taken outside of the department may count toward the methods requirement, only GOVT 300 Political Research Skills counts toward the 33 credits in the major.

Up to twelve hours of internship credit are available. However, only three hours count toward the major. Internship guidelines are available in the department office and on the Government Department web page,