Communication and National Security - Graduate Minor

This minor is aimed at graduate students who seek employment in national security, intelligence, international business, military affairs in other nations, and other positions which require knowledge of how communication affects the national image of the United States and how Americans communicate with members of other cultures about political matters. Graduate students will be required to write a special analysis for each course that is not required of the undergraduate students. Each graduate student will also be required to present a one-hour lecture on an area of research specialization.


Students will take three of four courses below plus one outside course approved by the department. The list below is our expected course rotation.

Prefix Title Credits
Select three from the following:9
Seminar Fundamentals of Communication and National Security3
Seminar Communication and the Intelligence Cycle3
Seminar Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy3
Seminar Intercultural Communication and National Security3
Other Departments
Select one from the following: 13
Research Design and History of Geographic Thought 23
Islam and the West: Cultural Contacts, Conflicts and Exchanges 33
Total Credits12