Art - Master of Arts

Emphasis: Art History

An emphasis in art history requires a minimum of 33 credits of art history courses, 6 of which must be thesis credits. Additionally, 3 credits of related courses outside the Art Department must be taken with the approval of the department head and the student’s major advisor.

Reading proficiency in a foreign language is also required and should be acquired prior to the beginning of thesis research for which it will be employed. A reading proficiency exam will be arranged in conjunction with the major advisor. Admission to the MA program with an emphasis in art history is based on an accredited BA or BS degree (or equivalent) with a major in art history, including at least 24 art history credits and 9 studio credits. Undergraduate deficiencies must be completed before advancement to candidacy.

Prefix Title Credits
ARTH 579Graduate Seminar: Art Theory, Criticism, Historiography3
ARTH 599Art History Thesis6
Six 500-level ARTH Courses 24
One 450 and above level course outside of the Department of Art3
Total Credits36

Candidacy and Thesis Committee Selection

Upon satisfactory completion of all required course work (except thesis credits) and foreign language requirement, the student will prepare a thesis proposal under the direction of the major professor. The student will then select the second member of his or her thesis committee and submit the proposal to this committee member for approval. With the backing of these two advisors, the student must then present the proposal to the department faculty. After a successful presentation, the student will advance to candidacy and select the third committee member, who may be from outside the art department.


All applicants for admission to the MA program must submit

  1. A polished undergraduate research paper
  2. A written statement of intent
  3. Letters of recommendation from three qualified people of the applicant’s choice
  4. Official undergraduate transcripts.

Research papers, statement of intent, and letters of recommendation should be sent to the Department of Art. Applications and official undergraduate transcripts should be sent directly to the Graduate School. Psychometric test scores are not required.

Application Deadline

The final submission date for all application materials and teaching assistantship applications is January 20th for the following year.