Native American Studies - Undergraduate Minor

Students must pass a total of 18 credits of which at least 9 of which must be upper division. ANTH 115 Native Peoples of North America is strongly recommended as the first course for the minor. A grade of C- or better must be obtained for each course. Students may count S grades only in courses in which all grades are S/U, and no more than 6 hours of S credit can be accepted. Students can count no more than 3 credits in independent studies, readings or special topics courses. Such courses, marked below with an asterisk (*), must focus upon Native Americans and must be approved in advance by the director of the minor program, specifying the semester during which a student takes such a course. Students may count no more than 9 credits in Anthropology (except that ANTH 330V Magic, Witchcraft and Religion/HIST 330V Introduction to Religious Studies/SOC 330V Introduction to Religious Studies,may be included above this limit) and no more than 6 credits in History. Please contact the Department of Anthropology regarding the minor.

Select 18 credits from the following: 118
North American Prehistory3
Native Peoples of North America (strongly recommended as first course)3
Native Peoples of the American Southwest3
Contemporary Native Americans3
Archaeology of the American Southwest3
Magic, Witchcraft and Religion3
Directed Reading Honors (preferred)1-3
Federal Indian Policy3
Archaeology of the American Southwest3
Independent Study (preferred)1-3
American Indian Politics3
American Indian History I3
American Indian History II3
Readings (preferred)1-3
Projects in History (preferred)3
American Indian Health3
or by approval of Minor Advisor
Total Credits18

Preferred: ANTH 449 H Directed Reading Honors, ANTH 497 Special TopicsANTH 497 Special Topics, ANTH 497 Special Topics, GOVT 406 Independent Study, HIST 449 ReadingsHIST 449 ReadingsHIST 449 Readings, HIST 489 Projects in HistoryHIST 489 Projects in HistoryHIST 489 Projects in History, and W S 250 Course W S 250 Not Found.