Cultural Resource Management - Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate programs typically require 12-18 credits, and must be completed within 3 years. Our certificate program will require the student to take 18 credits, 6 credits from two required courses and 12 credits from a comprehensive list of electives in anthropology and cognate fields. All these courses are designed to promote expertise in cultural resource management.

Required Courses
ANTH 540Cultural Resource Management3
ANTH 542Cultural Resource Management II3
HIST 579Oral History3
or HIST 583 Advanced Historic Preservation
Elective Courses
Select 9 credits from the following: 1,29
Federal Indian Policy3
Advanced Studies in Archaeology1-3
Analytical Methods in Anthropology3
Advanced Archaeology of the American Southwest3
Archaeological Field School-Graduates2-6
Archaeological Mapping3-6
Conquest and Colonialism3
Advanced Human Osteology3
Advanced Zooarchaeology3
Advanced Lab Methods in Archaeology3
GIS & T Applications and Modeling3
Introduction to Remote Sensing4
Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS & T)4
Oral History3
Interpreting Historic Places for the Public3
Public History Seminar3
Total Credits18

Some of these courses have prerequisites, consult the graduate catalog for details.


Other classes maybe included in the list of elective courses at the discretion of the Department and with approval of the Anthropology Department Head.