Anthropology - Master of Arts

The Anthropology M.A. program is designed for students who are interested in the traditional sub-disciplines of anthropology, as well as such related fields as cultural resource management, food studies, medical anthropology, and museum studies. The program is directed to both students planning to complete a professional M.A. degree and students planning to enter a Ph.D. program. In addition to the M.A. in Anthropology, our program offers graduate minors in anthropology, food studies, and Native American Studies, as well as Graduate Certificates in cultural resource management and museum studies. The faculty encourage all graduate students to develop graduate minors and certificates, enhancing their specialized training in anthropology.

An undergraduate anthropology degree is not required for entry into the M.A. program. Applicants who lack the equivalent of ANTH 301, ANTH 315, ANTH 320, and ANTH 355 may be required to take these courses or corresponding sections of ANTH 502. ANTH 350 or the equivalent is recommended. Applicants without an undergraduate degree in anthropology are encouraged to contact the Graduate Advisor before applying to the M.A. program in anthropology.

Cultural Anthropology3
Introduction to Archaeology3
Anthropological Linguistics3
Anthropological Theory3
Physical Anthropology3

Program Requirements

Students selecting the thesis option must complete 33 hours of basic course work, as described below, plus 6 hours of thesis credit. Students selecting the non-thesis option must complete 39 hours of course work including an internship or special research project for 6 credits.

The 33 hours of basic course work for students selecting either the thesis or non-thesis options are distributed as follows:

Core Theory Courses6
Select two of the following core theory courses, one in the student's principal subfield and the second in an alternative subfield: 1
Seminar in Anthropological Theory (for students in cultural anthropology and anthropolical linguistics subfields)3
Biological Anthropology (for students in biological subfield)3
Method and Theory in Archaeology (for students in archaeology subfield)3
Core Course in Professionalism and Practice3
Issues in Anthropological Practice3
Additional Courses
Select additional topical, methodological, and area courses in anthropology 124
Note that only 6 credits taken outside of Anthropology may count toward the total credits required for the M.A. degree
Thesis or Non-Thesis Options
Select one of the following:6
Master's Thesis6
Special Research Problems
Total Credits39

earning a grade of B or better 

Admission Requirements

To apply to the Anthropology Masters Degree program the following materials are required:

  • Graduate School application form and fees
  • Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, with a 3.0 GPA minimum.
  • A letter from the candidate addressing his or her interests and graduate school objectives
  • Letters of recommendation from three persons familiar with the candidate’s academic record

All the above items should be submitted through the Graduate School’s central admission system at: 

NOTE: In addition to the above, international applicants also need to view the requirements of admission to the university and provide additional documentation online, at this page:

NOTE: students may matriculate in either August or January. If a student wishes to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship, the application must be completed by February 15 for admission in the fall semester. Assistantships are not usually offered for students matriculating in January, but they may be considered in subsequent semesters for an award.

For more information about the Anthropology Graduate Program contact:

Dr. Lois Stanford, Anthropology Graduate Advisor at:

Dr. Rani Alexander, Anthropology Department Head at: