Plant and Environmental Science - Doctor of Philosophy

Minimum Course Requirements: Candidates for a Ph.D. degree in PES are expected to demonstrate (via course work and independent study) a thorough understanding and proficiency in their chosen major, and if applicable, a minor area. Courses numbered 450-499 are designed for senior undergraduates and graduate students; 500-599 are for graduate students working on a master's or doctoral degree; 600-700 are principally for students working on a doctoral degree. A minimum of 30 graduate credits (beyond the Master s Degree) or 60 credits (for exceptional students possessing only a B.S. degree; see item 7 below) are required.  Actual course requirements are left to the discretion of the Doctoral Committee, with the exceptions given below:

a.    All Ph.D. students will present two PES departmental seminars (AGRO 694 Doctoral Seminar/SOIL 694 Doctoral Seminar) during their study at NMSU. It is recommended that the first seminar be presented within the student's first year. The second seminar will cover the dissertation research. If a Ph.D. student completed a M.S. degree in PES and presented a departmental seminar over their M.S. thesis research, only one additional departmental seminar (covering the dissertation research) is required.
b.    All Ph.D. students must complete a minimum of 9 hours of course work numbered above 600 exclusive of research and dissertation credit.
c.    At least 18 credits of dissertation (AGRO 700 Doctoral Dissertation/ENVS 700 Doctoral Dissertation) must be completed after passing the comprehensive exam.  A student may initially enroll in AGRO 700/ENVS 700 credits during the same semester that they take their comprehensive exam. However, this option is not recommended because if the student does not pass the exam, the 700-level credits will not count.  Consequently, enrollment status, assistantship eligibility, and resident tuition rate eligibility could be jeopardized.

A student planning a program leading to a Ph.D. must satisfy one of the following departmental requirements approved by the doctoral committee:

  1. A thorough knowledge of a language other than English
  2. A reading ability in two foreign languages
  3. Reading ability in one foreign language and proficiency with a research tool
  4. Reading ability in one foreign language and one semester of supervised teaching experience
  5. Proficiency with a research tool and one semester of supervised teaching
  6. Two semesters of supervised teaching