Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Merchandising - Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences

The Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Merchandising major prepares students to achieve career goals in the diverse field of fashion merchandising and apparel design. Students are prepared with courses in fashion merchandising, marketing, retail management, textiles and apparel design. With knowledge and skills attained from the academic preparation, graduates can compete in today's fashion industry. Skills attained in garment construction, draping and flat pattern allow for additional technical and costing abilities to meet the creative environment of the fashion industry. A GPA of 2.5 or better is required to enroll in CTFM 402 Field Experience Marketing Training to complete the degree requirements.

General Education Requirements

A list of specific general education requirements is available in the department. Please check with your advisor.

Departmental Requirements
CTFM 178Fundamentals of Fashion3
CTFM 270Fashion Illustration3
CTFM 273Concepts in Apparel Construction3
CTFM 366Historic Fashion3
CTFM 371Textile Science3
CTFM 372Fashion Merchandising3
CTFM 373Advanced Apparel Techniques3
CTFM 374The Production of Textile and Fashion Accessories3
CTFM 384Clothing for Special Needs3
CTFM 402Field Experience Marketing Training1-3
CTFM 460Cultural Perspectives in Dress3
CTFM 474Fashion Promotion3
CTFM 475Fashion Buying3
CTFM 476Apparel Design by Draping and Pattern Drafting3
Select six 300 or 400 level credits from FCS, FCSE or FRMG prefixes6
Nondepartmental Requirements
A ST 311Statistical Applications3
or STAT 251G Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences
ACCT 222Principles of Accounting II (Managerial)3
or ACCT 221 Principles of Accounting I (Financial)
ART 110GVisual Concepts3
CHEM 110GPrinciples and Applications of Chemistry4
One general education course from the approved list
ECON 252GPrinciples of Microeconomics3
ENGL 111GRhetoric and Composition4
MATH 120Intermediate Algebra3
MATH 210GMathematics Appreciation3
MGT 309Human Behavior in Organizations (or)3
or MGT 315V Human Relations in Organizations
MGT 315VHuman Relations in Organizations3
PSY 201GIntroduction to Psychology3
SOC 101GIntroductory Sociology3
General Education HIST Course3
Viewing a Wider World6
Select one from the following:3
Principles of Marketing3
Retail Management3
Product/Service Development3
Select one from the following:3
Effective Leadership and Communication in Agricultural Organizations3
Public Speaking3
Principles of Human Communication3
Select one from the following:3
Technology and Communication for Business Management3
Fundamentals of Information Literacy and Systems3
Computer Literacy3
Select one from the following:3
Business and Professional Communication3
Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences3
Technical and Scientific Communication3
Advanced Composition3
Advanced Technical and Professional Communication3
Select credits in consultation with CTFM advisor to round out curriculum of 120 credits. 118
Courses recommended by advisor.
Recommended Electives
Human Resources Management3
Leadership and Motivation3
International Marketing3
Total Credits128

At least 48 credits must be courses labeled 300 or above. Check prerequisites before enrolling in courses.