Economic Development - Doctor of Economic Development

The Doctor of Economic Development (DED) is a professional doctorate designed to provide advanced training for economic development professionals. It is not designed to prepare graduates for academic careers.

Candidates for the DED enter the program with the equivalent of a master’s degree. DED students must successfully complete approximately 60 graduate credits beyond the hours required for entry. All students must meet the requirements specified in the general regulations and requirements for admission to the Graduate School and to candidacy. DED minimum admission requirements include:

  1. related master’s degree or equivalent coursework;
  2. one course in intermediate microeconomic theory and one course in macroeconomic theory with minimum grades of B;
  3. one course in college-level calculus with a minimum grade of B; and
  4. one course in statistics, including simple regression with a minimum grade of B.

Additionally, students who have not completed graduate level courses in microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory, and econometrics with grades of B or better will be required to successfully complete these courses early in the DED program.

All students in the DED program must successfully complete the following:

Core Courses
AEEC 501Microeconomic Theory3
AEEC 502Macroeconomic Theory3
AEEC 540Econometrics I3
ECDV 550Introduction to Local and Regional Development3
ECDV 651Economic Development Theory3
ECDV 661Regional Economic Modeling I3
ECDV 662Regional Economic Modeling II3
ECDV 664Population Economics3
ECDV 668Economic Development Finance3
ECDV 671Sustainable Economic Development3
ECDV 692Seminar in Economic Development (taken twice)6
ECDV 681Urban Economic Development3
ECDV 682Rural Development3
ECDV 683Seminar in National Economic Development3
Specialty Area6
Internship and Final Project (12-15 hrs)12-15
Elective credits to fulfill the 60+ hour requirement3
Total Credits66-69

NOTE:  Doctor of Economic Development (DED) students who enter the DED program with a master's degree may, upon completion of all requirements for the MA in Economics, apply for the MA in Economics degree and count courses that overlap with the DED requirements toward the DED.  Students must apply separately for the MA in Economics program and the master's degree must be conferred before the DED. 

Comprehensive and oral exams will be given and will determine eligibility to continue in the program and/or to graduate.

Teaching and research assistantships are available to qualified applicants, however, admission to the program does not imply or guarantee funding.

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