Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - Basic Certificate

This Certificate leads to the Associate of Applied Science in Region 1 EMS Intermediate. 

30 Credits

Prefix Title Credits
General Education Requirement
ENGL 1110GComposition I4
COMM 1130GPublic Speaking3
MATH 1215Intermediate Algebra3
EMS Core Requirements
OEEM 101CPR for the Health Care Professional1
OEEM 115First Responder Prehospital Professional3
OEEM 120Emergency Medical Technician Basic6
OEEM 120 LEmergency Medical Technician Basic Lab2
OEEM 121Emergency Medical Technician Basic Field/Clinical1
Required Courses
FYEX 1110First-year Seminar3
BIOL 2210Human Anatomy and Physiology I for the Health Sciences4
or AHS 153 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology I
Total Credits30

Note: It is highly recommended that students who plan to transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program complete the BIOL 2210 Human Anatomy and Physiology I for the Health Sciences/BIOL 2225 Human Anatomy and Physiology II course sequence to maximize the credit transfer.

A Suggested Plan of Study

This roadmap is only a suggested plan of study in order to complete a Certificate in two semesters.  It is not intended as a contract.  Course availability may vary from fall to spring semester and may be subject to modification or change.  Students are advised to earn a C or better to avoid repeating courses.  This Plan pressumes a student is ready for ENGL 1110G, Composition I and MATH 1215, Intermediate Algebra. Placement is determined by an English and Math Placement Test, ACT scores, or completing the course prerequisites.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
OEEM 101 CPR for the Health Care Professional 1
OEEM 120 Emergency Medical Technician Basic 6
OEEM 120 L Emergency Medical Technician Basic Lab 2
OEEM 121 Emergency Medical Technician Basic Field/Clinical 1
FYEX 1110 First-year Seminar 3
ENGL 1110G Composition I 4
COMM 1130G Public Speaking 3
MATH 1215 Intermediate Algebra 3
OEEM 115 First Responder Prehospital Professional 3
AHS 153
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology I
or Human Anatomy and Physiology I for the Health Sciences
 Total Credits30