HLED 1154. Lifeguarding

2 Credits (2)

Skills training for a nonsurf lifeguard. Course will include Standard First Aid and CPR certification. May be repeated up to 2 credits.

Learning Outcomes
  1. To help the student become aware of the common hazards associated with various types of aquatic facilities and to develop the knowledge and skills to eliminate or minimize such hazards.
  2. To help the student develop the skills necessary to recognize a person in distress or in a drowning situation and to effectively rescue that person.
  3. To help the student understand their responsibility to their employer, fellow employees and especially to the patrons of their facility.
  4. To provide explanations, demonstrations, practice and review of the rescue skills essential for lifeguarding.
  5. To instill in the students an understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities, swimming skills and additional duties of lifeguarding.
  6. To develop more advance swimming skills to assist in a water rescue.

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