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Public Health - Community Health Worker Certificate


The sixteen-credit Community Health Worker (CHW) certificate trains students to have a basic understanding of key public health issues like maternal and child health, chronic disease and environmental health.  The certificate includes competencies such as: effective communication, interpersonal skills, health coaching, service coordination, capacity building, advocacy, community health outreach, and community knowledge and assessment. Students will complete a four credit service learning experience within a community agency to complete the certificate.

The CHW Certificate is available to both practicing Community Health Workers/Promotores de Salud and individuals just starting to work in Public Health. 

Note: The Community Health Worker Certificate may be obtained entirely online.

Community Health Worker Certificate (16 credits)

NOTE: All of the acquired coursework is accepted for full credit towards Associate of Public Health at DACC.
CHSS 101Overview of Health and Community Services 13
CHSS 299Service Learning Experience in Human and Community Services 13
NOTE: CHSS 299 Will be a Variable Credit Hour Course (1-4) Effective Spring 20181
PHLS 275Foundations of Health Education 13
PHLS 150GPersonal Health and Wellness 13
COMM 265GPrinciples of Human Communication 13
Total Credits16

 All courses are available online or on-campus


CHSS 101. Overview of Health and Community Services

3 Credits

Health and community service professions with emphasis on public health, community health education, and environmental/occupational health.

CHSS 299. Service Learning Experience in Human and Community Services

3 Credits

Exploration of contemporary social, civic, economic and ethical problems that require student participation in collaborative efforts within the community. Requires 30 clock hours of community based service for each credit. Graded: S/U. Contact instructor for approval.

Prerequisite(s): CHSS 101, HL S 150 and HL S 275 or consent of instructor.

Corequisite(s): HL S 295 or CHSS 216.

PHLS 275. Foundations of Health Education

3 Credits

Role and responsibility of the health educator with emphasis on small group dynamics, oral and written communication skills, building community coalitions and an introduction to grant writing. Taught with HL S 375. Cannot receive credit for both HL S 275 and HL S 375.

Prerequisite(s): Either HL S 100 or HL S 150G, or consent of instructor.

PHLS 150G. Personal Health and Wellness

3 Credits

A holistic and multi-disciplinary approach towards promoting positive lifestyles. Special emphasis is placed on major problems that have greatest significance to personal and community health. Topics to include nutrition, stress management, fitness, aging, sexuality, drug education, and others.

COMM 265G. Principles of Human Communication

3 Credits

Study and practice of interpersonal, small group, and presentational skills essential to effective social, business, and professional interaction.

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