Paralegal Studies - Associate of Applied Science

(69–73 credits)

NOTE: Students must pass ENGL 111G Rhetoric and Composition, ENGL 203G Business and Professional Communication, and all PL S courses with a minimum grade of C.

Core/General Education Requirements
ENGL 111GRhetoric and Composition 14
Select one from the following:3
Business and Professional Communication 13
Technical and Scientific Communication 13
Business and Technical Communications3
COMM 253GPublic Speaking 13
or COMM 265G Principles of Human Communication
Select one from the following:3
Intermediate Algebra 13
College Algebra 13
Business Mathematics3
PHIL 201GIntroduction to Philosophy 13
or PHIL 211G Informal Logic
Select one from the folowing:3
Introduction to Psychology 13
Introductory Sociology 13
Human Relations3
Related/Professional Requirements
Select one from the following:3
A Survey of Accounting 13
Financial Accounting 13
Accounting Procedures I3
BMGT 201Work Readiness and Preparation3
BOT 211Information Processing I3
or BOT 213 Word Processing I
GOVT 100GAmerican National Government 13
Technical/Major Requirements
PL S 160Legal System for the Paralegal3
PL S 190Criminal Law for the Paralegal3
PL S 200Legal Ethics for the Paralegal3
Select 2-6 credits from the following:2-6
Internship I
and Internship II 2
PL S 231The Law of Commerce for the Paralegal3
PL S 274Legal Research and Writing for the Paralegal I3
PL S 275Tort and Insurance for the Paralegal3
or PL S 276 Wills, Trusts, and Probate for the Paralegal
PL S 278Litigation for the Paralegal3
PL S 279Legal Research and Writing for the Paralegal II3
Select 12 credits from the following:12
Legal Terminology3
The Virtual Law Office3
Immigration Law3
Bankruptcy Law for the Paralegal3
Family Law for the Paralegal3
Independent Study1-3
Total Credits69-73

Courses are identical to those offered at New Mexico State University Las Cruces (main) Campus.


PL S 221 Internship I and PL S 222 Internship II are restricted to PL S majors. A maximum of 6 credits of PL S 221 Internship I and PL S 222 Internship II may be applied toward a degree.