Children's Literature - Certificate of Completion

(18 credits)

This certificate is designed for those who desire a specialization in children’s literature.

Important Facts About This Certificate Program

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Technical Requirements
L SC 155Award Winning Books for Children1
L SC 156Boys and Books1
Select one from the following:3
Children's Literature and the Primary Curriculum3
Children's Literature and the Intermediate Curriculm3
Children's Literature and the Middle School Curriculum3
L SC 290Introduction to Children's Literature for Libraries3
or L SC 295 Introduction to Young Adult Literature
L SC 296Multicultural Books for Children and Youth3
Select 7 credits from the following:7
Picture Books and Young Children1
State Children's Book Awards1
Children's Books and their Movie Adaptations1
Myths and Legends in Children's Literature1
Poetry for Children1
The Art of Picture Books1
Mysteries for Children1
Historical Fiction for Children1
Fantasy and Speculative Fiction1
Banned Books1
Southwestern Children's Literature1
Native American Children's Literature1
Total Credits18