Electronics Technology - Associate of Applied Science

(67–68 credits)

Core Requirements
ENGL 111GRhetoric and Composition 14
ENGL 203GBusiness and Professional Communication 13
or ENGL 218G Technical and Scientific Communication
COMM 253GPublic Speaking 13
or COMM 265G Principles of Human Communication
Select one from the following:3
Introduction to Psychology 13
Introductory Sociology 13
Human Relations3
Select one from the following:4
Trigonometry and Precalculus 1,24
Mathematics for Electronics 34
Technical Requirements 4
ELT 110Electronics I4
ELT 135Electronics II4
ELT 155Electronics CAD and PCB Design3
ELT 160Digital Electronics I4
ELT 175Soldering Practices3
ELT 205Semiconductor Devices4
ELT 225Computer Applications for Technicians3
ELT 240Introduction to Photonics4
ELT 250Electronics Systems Analysis2
ELT 260Instrumentation Control and Signal Conditioning4
OETS 102Career Readiness Certification Preparation1
General Electronics or Biomedical Electronics option14-15
Total Credits67-68

Courses are identical to those offered at New Mexico State University Las Cruces (main) Campus.


Recommended for transfer track.


Recommended for career track.


A final grade of C or better is required in all 100-level ELT courses to progress to 200-level ELT courses.

General Electronics Option

ELT 215Microprocessor Applications I4
ELT 220Electronic Communication Systems4
ELT 230Microprocessor Applications II4
ELT 235Digital Electronics II3
Total Credits15

Biomedical Electronics Option

AHS 120Medical Terminology3
AHS 202Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care3
BIOL 154Introductory Anatomy and Physiology4
ELT 270Biomedical Equipment Instrumentation4
Total Credits14