Electrical Apprenticeship - Certificate of Completion

(49 credits)

To earn the electrical apprenticeship certificate, OETS 102 Career Readiness Certification Preparation must also be taken. Students must achieve a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 with a final grade of C or better in all required OEET courses.

Related Requirements
OETS 102Career Readiness Certification Preparation1
Technical Requirements
OEET 151Electrical Apprenticeship I6
OEET 152Electrical Apprenticeship II6
OEET 153Electrical Apprenticeship III6
OEET 154Electrical Apprenticeship IV6
OEET 251Electrical Apprenticeship V6
OEET 252Electrical Apprenticeship VI6
OEET 253Electrical Apprenticeship VII6
OEET 254Electrical Apprenticeship VIII6
Total Credits49