Business Management - Associate of Business Occupations

(70 credits)

Core/General Education Requirements
ENGL 111GRhetoric and Composition 14
COMM 253GPublic Speaking 13
or COMM 265G Principles of Human Communication
MATH 120Intermediate Algebra 13
or BOT 106 Business Mathematics
C S 110Computer Literacy 13
or OECS 105 Introduction to Information Technology
BMGT 208Business Ethics3
Select one from the following:3
Business and Technical Communications3
Business and Professional Communication 13
Technical and Scientific Communication 13
Related/Professional Requirements
ACCT 221Principles of Accounting I (Financial) 13
or BOT 120 Accounting Procedures I
ECON 201GIntroduction to Economics 13
Select 3 credits from the following:3
Spreadsheet Applications1-3
Database Application and Design1-3
Information Processing I3
Spreadsheet Applications1-3
Powerpoint Presentation3
BUSA 111Introduction to Business 13
or BMGT 110 Introduction to Business
MGT 201Introduction to Management 13
or BMGT 140 Principles of Supervision I
FIN 206Introduction to Finance 13
MKTG 203Introduction to Marketing 13
or BMGT 210 Marketing
Technical/Major Requirements
BMGT 201Work Readiness and Preparation3
BMGT 221Internship I3
BLAW 316Legal Environment of Business 13
or BMGT 231 Legal Issues in Business
BMGT 240Human Relations3
BMGT 290Applied Business Capstone3
Area of Emphasis
Select 15 credits from the following areas of emphasis (or as approved by advisor): 215
Finance and Banking Services
General Management
Retail Marketing and Sales
Total Credits70

Courses are identical to those offered at New Mexico State University Las Cruces (main) Campus.


It is permissible to combine courses from more than one area.

Finance and Banking Services Emphasis

BMGT 112Banks and Your Money3
BMGT 213Consumer Lending3
BMGT 215Banks and the Money Supply3
BMGT 225Introduction to Commercial Lending3
BMGT 232Personal Finance3
BMGT 235Credit Administration3

General Management Emphasis

BMGT 212Supervisory and Leadership Trends3
BMGT 248Introduction to Quality Management3
BMGT 250Diversity in the Workplace3
BMGT 277Small Business Management3
BMGT 280Introduction to Human Resources3
BMGT 282Introduction to International Business Management3
BMGT 285Introduction to Manufacturing Operations3
BMGT 286Introduction to Logistics3
BMGT 287Introduction to Export/Import3

Retail Marketing and Sales Emphasis

BMGT 126Retail Management3
BMGT 132Principles of Selling3
BMGT 136Fundamentals of Buying and Merchandising3
BMGT 138Advertising3
BMGT 205Customer Service in Business3
BMGT 239Visual Marketing Techniques3