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NMSU Carlsbad offers 100-200 level courses which, when taken in specified sequences with additional academic requirements, normally lead to a certificate or an associate degree.

A certificate represents a sequence of specified courses which offer instruction in specific knowledge, competencies and skills to meet certain predetermined qualifications specified and/or required by a given vocation or profession. The certificate normally represents approximately one year of full time college study or its equivalence in the depth and quality of related learning experiences, and is intended to train and otherwise prepare graduates for entry into the workforce immediately upon completion of their studies. Consequently, the emphasis of a certain curriculum is to provide graduates with the knowledge, competencies and skills to succeed in a specific vocation or profession; without immediate need for additional academic preparation.

An associate degree is a 100-200 level undergraduate degree and is awarded to graduates of prescribed lower division curricula normally representing approximately two years of full time college study (60 or more semester credits) or its equivalent in the depth and quality of related learning experiences. The Associate of Arts degree normally implies a liberal education orientation and the Associate of Applied Science degree normally implies a more applied orientation in a given discipline; which may align with a specific vocational or professional field. NMSU Carlsbad also awards an Associate Degree in General Studies. Although graduates awarded the Associate of Applied Science degree intend to enter the workplace immediately, most graduates of the Associate of Arts degree intend to continue their academic preparation towards the completion of a baccalaureate degree and should be mindful of what courses may transfer easily toward their major area of study at the receiving institution.

All entering students are required to take specific placement tests in the areas of English, math and reading to determine their eligibility for entrance to college level courses.

Prerequisites to Certificates

Graduates in certificate programs must demonstrate proficiency in reading, math and English as evidenced by sufficient scores on the Workkeys® assessment. Additional remediation may be required to attain these scores.

Requirements Specific to Associate Degrees

The following requirements apply to students seeking to graduate with an associate degree from NMSU Carlsbad:

  1. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  2. Students must take their last 15 semester credits through NMSU Carlsbad or any NMSU campus (cannot include CLEP, challenge exams, or transfer credits).
  3. Students must complete a minimum of 60 approved semester credits.
  4. Student must complete ENGL 1110G Composition I with a grade a C or better.
  5. Students must demonstrate proficiency in reading, math, and English as evidenced by sufficient scores on the college placement test, ACT, or SAT.

Preparation for Transfer to Baccalaureate Study

Students planning to attend a baccalaureate granting institution, at either NMSU Las Cruces or elsewhere are encouraged to contact the institution they intend to attend and secure all application materials and information pertaining to their intended programs of study.

Requirements for baccalaureate degrees awarded through the NMSU-Las Cruces includes specific general education courses and requirements that are listed in the undergraduate catalog published annually by NMSU Las Cruces. Students planning to complete the course requirements for an Associate of Arts degree, with the intention of later attending NMSU Las Cruces to complete an undergraduate degree are encouraged to consult with their advisor(s) at NMSU Carlsbad or with the appropriate dean at NMSU Las Cruces, to identify specific program requirements.

NMSU Carlsbad offers courses up the first two years of study to prepare students for a variety of Bachelor degree programs. NMSU Carlsbad offers associate degrees and certificates in a variety of fields.