SPMD 1110. Introduction to Athletic Training

3 Credits (3)

Introduction to the principles of athletic training. May be repeated up to 3 credits. Consent of Instructor required. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.

SPMD 1120. Medical Terminology

3 Credits (3)

Study of the structure of medical language with emphasis on sports medicine-related terminology. To include analysis and interpretation of medical documentation. Restricted to: Las Cruces campus only.

SPMD 1190. Clinical Practicum I

2 Credits (2)

Introduction to the clinical aspects of the athletic training education program. Must maintain at least 3.0 GPA. May be repeated up to 4 credits. Consent of Instructor required. Restricted to: Athletic Training majors. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.

SPMD 1195. Clinical Practicum II

3 Credits (3)

Athletic training related content and psycho-motor skills are introduced, enhanced, and assessed in the classroom and clinical rotations. Emphasis is on competencies and proficiencies previously instructed in didactic courses while providing increased depth of understanding and clinical practice. Must maintain a 3.0 GPA. May be repeated up to 3 credits. Consent of Instructor required.Restricted to: Athletic Training majors.

SPMD 1310. Introduction to Kinesiology

3 Credits (3)

An introduction to the field of Kinesiology which will explore areas such as exercise physiology, sport and exercise psychology, motor behavior, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, exercise prescription, as well as professional and graduate programs, and allied health and applied careers opportunities.

SPMD 1350. Social Foundations of Physical Activity

3 Credits (3)

Historical and cultural foundations and vocational, scientific, and educational data on careers in health education, physical education, and recreation.

SPMD 2130. Emergency Response in Sports Medicine

2 Credits (2)

Designed to provide knowledge and experience in emergency care procedures, blood borne pathogens, and first aid. Students will receive certification in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and in First Aid, upon successful completion of course. May be repeated up to 4 credits. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.

Prerequisite(s): Consent of Instructor.

SPMD 2210. Anatomy and Physiology I

3 Credits (3)

Detailed study of the structure and function of the human musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and peripheral nervous systems. Designed specifically for students interested in allied health professions.

SPMD 2210L. Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

1 Credit (1P)

Students will engage in activities designed to enhance appreciation of the anatomical structures related to the content areas for SPMD 2210. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.

SPMD 2250. Fitness for Health and Sport

3 Credits (3)

A study of the fitness needs for health enhancement and sport participation. Restricted to: EXSC,KIN,P E,S ED,SP M majors.

SPMD 2310. Career Preparation

1 Credit (1)

From concept to implementation: Career exploration, setting up degree plans, finding graduate programs, developing professional resumes, writing letters of application, seeking letters of recommendation, and interview preparation. Graded: S/U Grading (S/U, Audit).