1 Credit

Introduction to the university and to the College of Education. Discussion of planning for individualized education program and field experience. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.

EDUC 102. Internship I

3 Credits

Supervised experience in elementary education settings.

EDUC 103. Internship in Bilingual Education/ESL

1-4 Credits

Supervised experience in bilingual education/ESL elementary or secondary classroom settings for prospective bilingual education/ESL teachers.

EDUC 150. Math for Paraprofessionals

3 Credits

Applied math skills for paraprofessionals working with children.

Prerequisite: CCDM 103.

EDUC 151. Math for Paraprofessionals II

3 Credits

Applied math skills for paraprofessionals working under the direction of a teacher.

Prerequisite: EDUC 150.

EDUC 181. Field Experience I

1 Credit

Introduction to public school teaching, school visits, classroom observations and discussion seminar.

EDUC 195. Individual Topics in Education

1-3 Credits

Supervised study in a specific area of interest. Each course shall be designated by a qualifying subtitle. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits.

EDUC 202. Internship II

3 Credits

Supervised experience in junior high settings.

Prerequisite: must be a co-op student.

EDUC 204. Foundations of Bilingual/ESL Education

3 Credits

Explore and review the historical, legal, philosophical, theoretical and pedagogical paradigms of bilingual/ESL education.

EDUC 219. Pre-Teacher Preparation

3 Credits

Assists students in developing the necessary competencies needed for acceptance to the Teacher Education Program. Course content includes basic skill development, test taking skills, and completion of teacher preparation packet. Maybe repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. Graded S/U. Community Colleges only.

EDUC 250. Introduction to Education

2 Credits

An overview of the American education system with emphasis on organization, governance, law, demographics, and professional practice. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.

EDUC 281. Introduction to Secondary Education and Youth

3 Credits

Introductory course for students considering a career in secondary education. Includes historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations, program organization, critical dispositions, and understanding the context of schools and youth. Practicum required. Restricted to: Secondary Ed majors. Traditional Grading with RR.