Social Work

2020 Sociology

The Associate Degree in Social Services is designed to prepare students for careers in social service or community health agencies as paraprofessionals. In addition, because of the large New Mexico Common Core component, the degree also helps prepare the student for a successful transition into a bachelor's program in Social Work or other majors.

The bachelor degree requirement for a second language requires a grade of C or better grades through the 1120 level in any foreign language. If the student is a native speaker, the requirement is met with 113, 213 and 214 sequence in the language. If the student has taken one or two years of a second language in high school, they should take the language placement test to determine the level of course in which they should begin. See an advisor. Students interested in the Las Cruces campus Bachelor Degree of Social Work program may also be interested in the Associate in Social Work. Students planning to pursue a Bachelor's Degree of Social Work must apply for that Social Work Program. Students (particularly transfer students) should contact the Social Work Advisor in Las Cruces for advising and for the application packets.

Graduation Requirements

ENGL 1110G Composition I with a C or higher; placement into college-level math and reading courses or completion of developmental courses with a C or higher; cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher; the last 15 credits taken at NMSU.  Students must earn a grade of C or better in all General Education/NM Common Core and Social Work courses.  TOTAL CREDITS REQUIRED FOR DEGREE: 60