Paralegal Studies - Certificate of Completion

Prefix Title Credits
Related Requirements
ENGL 1110GComposition I4
COMM 1115GIntroduction to Communication3
or COMM 1130G Public Speaking
Choose one from the following:3
Human Growth and Behavior3
Introduction to Psychology3
Introduction to Sociology3
BLAW 2110Business Law I3
OATS 105Business English3
or OATS 106 Business Mathematics
OATS 213Word Processing I3
or OATS 214 Word Processing II
or BCIS 1110 Introduction to Information Systems
Major Requirements 2
PL S 160Legal System for the Paralegal3
PL S 180Constitutional Law for the Paralegal3
or PL S 190 Criminal Law for the Paralegal
PL S 200Legal Ethics for the Paralegal3
PL S 274Legal Research and Writing for the Paralegal I3
Total Credits31

ENGL 1110G Composition I with a "C" or better.


Cumulative GPA of 2.5 and a "C" or better required in these courses; PL S courses taken more than 7 years prior to graduation must be repeated.

A Suggested Plan of Study

Additional classes may be needed based on placement test results and course prerequisites.  Visit with an advisor for help with creating a customized plan.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
OATS 105
Business English
or Business Mathematics
CEPY 1120G
Human Growth and Behavior
or Introduction to Psychology
or Introduction to Sociology
BLAW 2110 Business Law I 3
PL S 160 Legal System for the Paralegal 3
PL S 180
Constitutional Law for the Paralegal
or Criminal Law for the Paralegal
Second Year
ENGL 1110G Composition I 4
COMM 1115G
Introduction to Communication
or Public Speaking
OATS 213
Word Processing I
or Word Processing II
or Introduction to Information Systems
PL S 200 Legal Ethics for the Paralegal 3
PL S 274 Legal Research and Writing for the Paralegal I 3
 Total Credits31